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 When the kind people from entrepo contacted me recently, I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite know who or what they were. I immediately started Googling and found out that entrepo imports the hottest in Scandinavian design and contemporary global homeware brands. They stock eleven funky home, kitchen, decor (and more!) brands from around the world, all having the common thread of being contemporary and interesting, yet are also practical and functional. I checked out their website and fell deeply in love with all of their products and so, when they offered to send me the Revol Revolution pot, I jumped at the chance. A week later I was delivered the most beautiful pot. “White culinary ceramic which absorbs no fat, smells or bacteria. It also has a naturally nonstick glaze coating which contains no heavy metals or fluorine coating, nor does it emit volatile organic compounds when heated” is what the press release said and so I was very excited to get cooking. I chose the beautiful Caribbean Blue which adds a pop of brightness but have a look here at all the other beautiful colours.

Revol pot

 And now, for the part that you’ve been waiting for. The entrepo team have been kind enough to run a giveaway with Simply Delicious and you stand a chance of winning R1000 worth of entrepo goodies. All you need to do to stand a chance to win is to visit the entrepo Website and have a look at what you would like to spend your R1000 on and give the entrepo facebook page a like.  Comment on THIS POST with what you would like to win and share this giveaway with your Twitter/Facebook friends, by copying the following:

Twitter:    I’ve just entered a giveaway with @SimplyDelishSA & @entrepoSA. You can too:

Facebook:   I’ve just entered a giveaway with @Simply Delicious Food Blog. & entrepo. You can too:

The competition will run from 19 November 2012 – 3 December 2012. Only open to residents of South Africa.

 Below are a few of the things I would spend R1000 on. How gorgeous are their products? 


Guzzini Bimbi Kids Dinner Set


Love Home Antique Mini Clock


Love Home Cement Door Stop


Love Home Small Wood Planter in Grey

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Alida Ryder
Alida Ryder
Being a general food freak has proven to be quite helpful in this career I've found myself in. Author of two cookbooks, photographer, food stylist. Mom to twins. Ex make-up and hair artist obsessed with beautiful clothes and spaces. I love a good G&T and I've been known to spend too much money on shoes.
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  • Kim Sinclair

    I would love to win the Royal VKB Lazy Linda.

  • mira

    Would love to win the antique clock and the Kids dinner set :)

  • http://Facebook Lynn Moyse

    I would LOVE to win the antique clock and the cement door stopper! So gorgeous!!

  • MrGKruger

    Would spend everything on Revol Cappochino Crumbled Tumblers. One in every colour.

  • Tracy J

    Would love the Revol Belle Cuisine Cocotte with Lid, the Guzzini Latina cutlery drainer and Revol Revolution Roun Cocotte in blue

  • Alison

    RVB Slow cooker

  • Darryn Lee

    This the coolest shop in town, I need to look the other way when walking past otherwise I will walk out poorer ;) Original and quality designs! Holding thumbs :)

  • Darryn Lee

    Oops left off my items… not an easy decision but I would pick the Normann Copenhagen 24 Piece Cutlery Set and pay in the difference! Awesome!

  • Lauren K Kruger

    I would spend it on the Revol Belle Cuisine Rectangular Roasting Dish, 1.7L and the Revol Revolution Round Cocotte in Caribbean Blue, 10cm. I would love to purchase these items for my mom for Christmas!

  • Jane Tomlinson

    The Chilewich Large Ash Rug and glass wine decanter!

  • shayne saacks

    i would love the Opinel Set of 3 Chef Knives. they are so stylish!

  • Lucinda

    Love this!
    Large Normann Copenhagen Grass Vase

  • Dagmar Kahn

    I would love the Revold Cow Cream Jug for myself ( The Love Home Large Glass Salad Bowl for my mom ( The stunning Love Home Turkish Glasses set of 6 for my little sister ( And for my mathematical boyfriend the Mastrad Clip Timer ( And I will gladly pay the R9.80 difference! It is too hard to visit that amazing site without wanting to buy everything! Lol. Thanks for introducing us to the great site.

  • Astrid

    Norman Copenhagen Swing Vase in Black and Red, and Rocking Glasses

  • Nikki

    I would absolutely, without a doubt spend it on a white Muuto pendant lamp (but I actually really was 3, I have the PERFECT spot for them in my house) and then a couple of Revol Espresso Crumpled Tumbler’s, what a treat. Entrepo = Gorgeous. x

  • Monique Vermeulen

    Would love a decanter, the Antique Clock and the doorstop!
    Lovely items they have. :)

  • Hester Gunter

    Wow, too many to choose from! But I would love the Mastard Creme Brulee gift set or Love Home Champagne Cooler.

  • Nikki

    I would absolutely, without a doubt spend it on a white Muuto pendant lamp (but I actually really want 3, I have the PERFECT spot for them in my house) and then a couple of Revol Espresso Crumpled Tumbler’s, what a treat. Entrepo = Gorgeous. x

  • Robyn

    Mastrad Square Steamer in Black
    Revol Belle Cuisine Roasting Dish in Black 19×12.5

    amazing giveaway :)

  • CharlieW

    LOVE the puzzle dinner tray! All the kiddies stuff is stunning :) @MsCharlieW

  • Amy Saville

    I LOVE Entrepo! They were one of my favorite stores at the Good Food & Wine Show – I took a zillion pictures :) unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of testing out any of their products, but if I could have one for my very own, it would be the Revol Belle Cuisine Roasting Dish in Black (19×12.5). Amaaaaazing :)

  • lameez

    Everything is awesum & Beautifull!!My eye is on da Guzzini Kidz Dinner set just love it:)

  • Euzanne Pretorius

    I would love to win the voucher to buy the Wood Planter for my newly found love of vegitable growing and the Revol pot to make some yummy veggie stews…mmmmm….

  • Tanya B

    I have exact list of stuff I would like to get:

    Mastrad Roasting Temperature Probe R500

    Royal VKB Nut Cracker in Ochre R200

    Mastrad Oil Sprayer with Filter R260

    Which takes me to almost R1000 :)

  • Euzanne Pretorius

    I would love to win the voucher for buy the Wood Planter to use for my new found love of veggie growing and the Revol pot to make yummy veggie stews :)

  • Joanne

    I would love to buy the Mastrad Macaroon Gift Set to treat myself :D

  • Jaco

    Opinel Set of 3 Chef Knives

  • Nicki

    Royal VKB Boomerang Wok, Teflon and Aluminium

  • Imrah

    I would love the Revol crumpled champagne bucket, for an awesome way to keep my sparkling grapejuice cool!
    I have tweeted (ImrahA)

  • Kezia

    Oh my, how gorgeous is their stuff?
    I spent ages on their website and finally settled on:
    1 x Love Home Black and White Chinese Tea Pot 16cm
    1 x Love Home Set of 6 Black and White Tea Cups
    3 x Love Home Set of Two Noodle Bowls with Chopsticks
    1 x Love Home Set of Three Black and White Sauce Bowls on Tray
    1 x Love Home Set Black and White Miso Soup Bowls
    annnnd, that is all!

    I would just die to have a dinner party with all of this cool stuff

  • Ansie (Zagaria) Botes

    i would love the home set black and white tea cups

  • Michelle Malan

    How can I choose?!?!?! But to start with: Mastrad Macaroon Gift set, any of the roasting dishes, the JIA Terracotta and Cederwood Steamer. Just to start. What stunning stuff!

  • Vanessa

    Wow, everything is so gorgeous! I love the Mastrad Kid’s Chef Kit and the Normann Copenhagen Herb Stand. but there’s also the Mastrad Roasting Temperature Probe and DEFINITELY the Mastrad Silicone Large Macaroon Baking Sheet. Thanks for recommending this site. I’ve shared it on Facebook and Twitter and I hope all my friends check it out. Or not, so that I can win! Bwahahaha.

  • Nicola Meyer

    So hard to choose!!! Love the Mastrad Macaroon Gift Set and the Revol Cappuccino Crumpled Tumbler

  • Meg

    Oooh! Great comp, thanks!
    I love Entrepo! Would love to kit out my kitchen a little if I won. I’ve always wanted a blow-torch, and there’s looks great, and one can always use a few extra quality knives. That’s probably what I’d spend my winnings on :)

  • Amanda

    So much to choose from…!
    Guzzini Look Tray, Clear & Chrome
    Guzzini Happy Hour Jug
    Chilewich Rectangle Bamboo Placemats in Dune

  • Jess Franks

    Hmmm… So difficult I want everything, but at the moment, I am totally in love with Revol, so I would like a variety of the Revol Cappuccino Crumpled Tumblers and some of the rectangular Basalt plates.

  • youngkeith

    So many lovely goodies – planters, clock, kids dinner set

  • Kathy

    Would love to win the Menu Wine Breather and Water Bottle Set!

  • Marilize

    Ooh – virtual shopping at a great site. One of my fav things to do ;)

    So lemme see:
    6 x Revol Cappuccino Crumpled Tumbler in White @ R150 each = R900
    2 x Love Home Ornamental Stone Hearts @ R60 each = R120

    So I’m R20 over budget, but it’s so pretty!

    Great site, great contest :)

  • Meagan

    I would love to get myself the grey Normann Copenhagen ottoman! :-)

  • Monique

    Tough call – it’s between the stunning slow cooker or the cute macaroon set… If I had to chose I’d probably go with the slow cooker! :)


    The Kobo Botanical Pure Soy Candle in Golden Mimosa caught my attention. And the Mastrad Silcone Oven Glove with Toweling Lining can prevent injuries in the kitchen.

  • Chantal-Ann Embleton

    I’d pick the entire site if you gave me half the chance….its all so gorgeous but I must say I absolutely love love love
    Love Home Small Wood and Glass Conservatory
    Love Home Small Wood Planter in Grey
    Love Home Shabby White Straight Carved Candle

  • Syllable

    Because of my obsession with tea, I’ll spend it all on the lovely teapots, teacups and Revol crumpled tumblers :) And of course a cake stand with a dome. What is tea without cake? Actually, what is life without cake?!

  • Monique

    I would love to win the Love Home Turkish Glasses, the Love Home Set of Blue & White Bowls, the Love Home Wood & Metal Lantern and the Opinel Meat & Poultry Knife! :)

  • Caryn Step

    I’d get my daughter the Guzzini Bimbi Kids Dinner Set and then I would get a couple of the Mastrad Utensils for me.

  • Laura

    I would definitely like the macaroon maker and some of the signs :)

  • Jaclyn

    Lots of lovely things, Love the large grey crates, and your clocks as well as the doorstopper. ooooo!!!!!

  • Anita Dingwayo

    Please make my end of the year unforgatable, buy giving me Mastrad Kid’s Chef Kit it is so lovely.

  • Yogana Reddy

    Such unique items! I would love the Mastrad Kid’s Chef Kit….my little girl would love it.

  • Vanilla Gopaul

    Revol Belle Cuisine Rectangular Roasting Dish,
    Mastrad Square Steamer in Black
    The Antique Clock and the doorstop!
    And the Kitchen safety stuff looks awesome and handy to have

  • Ashishta Gokhul

    lOVE all the items.
    Would love to purchase the Normann Copenhagen 24 Piece Cutlery Set

  • Dawn Wallenkamp

    I would love the Revol Belle Cuisine Cocotte plus everything else – LOVE LOVE LOVE all the products

  • Darryn van der Walt

    Would love the Normann Copenhagen Krenit Bowl 38cm White

  • Janie Siebert

    ooooo…everything is so delightful and stylish, I love the Opinel Knives and the Love Home Blue & White striped Teapot with the same Blue & White Love Home set of tea bowls…all goes well when tea is ready to sip! :-)

  • Christelle

    I would love the Royal VKB Puzzle Dinner Tray and the Normann Copenhagen Wine Pourer, or just about anything on the site…..

  • Sofia

    I would love to purhase the White Muuto Pendant Light, The Royal VKB Boomerang Wok!

    Everything is so stunning & would love to puchase what i need

    Thank you for bringing Entropo to SA & would buy with love

  • cirsten van den heuvel

    Done all lovely prize :)

  • Pieter Erasmus

    The Muuto Bulky Yellow Teapot (in yellow), of course!

  • Taryn

    Already a FAN! I love the Mastrad Kid’s Chef Kit! Oh, and that clock! Wow! Great gifts … to give, but also for myself xx

  • Taryn

    tweeted :)

  • Pamela

    I would love a combination of things – the planters (grey) and some of the Love Home burners, either single retangular or the triple one. They are awesome.

  • Fatima

    I finally went to their store today in Sandton and I was quite taken by it. I would love to get the Revol crumpled tumbler in a variety of colours and the Normann Copenhagen Herb Stand. Those products are amazing.

  • Susan G

    So many gorgeous things but I really love the Revol crumpled cups and the Mastrad cooking torch!!


    I would love the Revol Belle Cuisine Cocotte as well as RVB slow cooker. Have tweeted and left a comment on facebook as instructed. Twittername: online61524

  • samantha pillay

    I would use the voucher towards the storage system in deep white. Great for organizing my tons of books! The menu jewellery tree is great too!. Have tweeted as @samiola_88

  • Abi

    I would use the voucher for a Love Home Glass Cake Stand and a few Guzzini Aqua Tall Glasses in clear!

  • Linda Laing

    I would love a set of the Revol Revolution Round Cocottes.

  • Nasika baijnath

    I would love the set if 3 chefs knives ir the kiddies dinner step or the antique clock and doosrstep

  • Lee-Anne Geldenhuys

    Wow! So in love! It’s difficult to pin down only R1000’s worth of lustworthy goodies though, but I have been drooling over the Normann Copenhagen pendant lamps for a while now – it’s to DIE for! Holding thumbs!

    Have shared the comp on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ve like Entrepo’s FB page for months already! :)

  • Michael Olivier

    Would love the Antique Clock and Opinel knives and the temperature probe! Luv Mxx]

  • Sam Taylor

    Need need need the macaroon baking set. Need.

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