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Le Creuset

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a bit of a Le Creuset addict. I love everything they do and every time they release a new range of goodies, my heart soars and my credit card frowns, for he knows what’s about to come. So imagine my delight when Le Creuset agreed to do a lovely giveaway of their brand new and beautiful coffee goodies.

Le Creuset Cherry Canister

The new Le Creuset coffee canister is a must-have for any home barista. These neat storage jars hold whole beans or ground coffee, with a capacity of one standard bag. The dense stoneware from which it’s made blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking and rippling, and the impermeable enamel coating resists stains and scratches from metal utensils. They’re dishwasher safe and available in all your favourite Le Creuset colours – the perfect addition to your kitchen counter top! Along with the coffee canisters, Le Creuset has also launched coffee plungers (French Press) and man, are they gorgeous! For more info, visit Le Creuset’s website and follow Le Creuset on Twitter.

Le Creuset coffee canisters

Now for the important details. Le Creuset has given me 3x Coffee canisters and 1x French press to giveaway. The first person who’s name is drawn will win both the plunger and a canister and two other winners will win a canister each, in the colour of their choice. To enter, simply comment on this post and to gain an extra entry, like the Simply Delicious Facebook page and share this post on Facebook. This giveaway will run until Monday 2 September and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, 3 September on the Simply Delicious Facebook page. Giveaway open to South African residents only. 

Simply Delicious Recipe Ebook
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Showing 277 comments
  • Shaina Boswell

    Oh my goodness, that is beautiful :) Here’s hoping I win 😛


    No kitchen is complete without Le Creuset !!! Love Love Love <3

  • Jennilynn Barnard

    PICK ME! PICK ME!!! Liked & shared 😉 Awesome giveaway!

  • Jessica Franks

    Ooo, yes please. (I love Caribbean blue)

  • Margaux

    Totally in love with the Le Creuset range! It makes cooking so much fun :)

  • Lize Hartley

    Ooh, LOVE me some Le Creuset! Holding thumbs :)

  • BabsK

    Definitely love Le Creuset as much as you do!! Here’s my entry and will share on FB too!

  • Michelle Raath

    Yes Please! wil donate to my charity to raise much needed funds

  • Vanessa Jones

    Coffee and Le Creuset – like a match made in heaven! I love all the colors and promise to be a very good girl if I win this! Pretty please!

  • Anita Steenkamp

    Great giveaway, also have a Le Creuset addiction

  • Valeska

    I would LOVE to win this!

  • Miss H

    Le Creuset – stylish, functional and oh so divine! A must have for every kitchen. :-)

  • Simonie Coetzee

    Absolutely love the Le Creuset brand! And it would be the perfect time if would be the lucky won to win, for I’m.getting married next year and do not have a lot of kitchen utensils 😉

  • Yolika


  • Tracey Steytler

    Also love their stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cayly

    Beautiful creations again, from Le Creuset! I would love to add this to my home!

  • Robyn

    OBSESSED, would be lovely in my new office!

  • Theresa

    wow! very cool

  • Lize Ferreira

    I have the perfect spot to display this in my kitchen :)

  • Lauren Mungur

    I have Le Creuset but not nearly enough!! The new goodies are beautiful – YES PLEASE !! x

  • Hildi

    O wow! I would so totally love to win!!! 😀

  • Desire

    Wow, one of those canisters would look amazing on my kitchen counter filled with Coffee beans for our daily cuppa “go”!

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I lurrrrrv Le Creuset! Such beautiful colours! Stunning! I would love to win! Liked and Shared on Facebook too :)

  • Adele

    Wow, love!! Holding thumbs :)

  • Chrisda

    I love the look of these! My current canisters are being hidden away in the cupboard :-)

  • Rebecca Franks

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Jackie K

    Oh how gorgeous, love the colours

  • Sarah Hough

    Would love LOVE to win this, absolutely adore the entire Le Crueset range!

  • Aricia van der Merwe

    Awesome! Love the colour too!

  • Liza

    OOOOhhhhhhhh Please :)

  • Kelly

    Lovely prize!!

  • Lara Molony

    Would LOVE this- especially since I just bought some Le Creuset espresso cups. :) x

  • Bridget Hannah

    I currently keep my beautiful coffee in and old Cross and Blackwell Mayonnaise jar so if its someone deserving you’re looking for, look no further! Lol!!

  • Jessica Sandell

    I’d love to win this. The le creuset brand is amazing please pick me :) and my coffee plunger just broke last week. So I’m in desperate need of a new one

  • Tarryn-Anne Anderson

    Pick me! 😀

  • Reinette Wiechers

    Beautiful!! Love the colours! x

  • Janie Siebert

    As ever Le Crueset’s items are winners! Yet to own any of their beauties, but this could be a wonderrRRRrFul way to start!! :-)

  • Shayne

    Ah! Wonderful giveaway. Completely in love with the coffee cannister!

  • Shayne

    Shared on FB!

  • Christine

    oh please please let it be me! Having recently acquired (read:gifted with) my first Le Creuset piece I’m a changed woman, it’s Le C all the way.

  • Ling Ling Addison Sheperd


  • Judith Moore

    yes please! beautiful! :)

  • Claire Kleber

    Oooo Le le 😉 Stunning

  • Cheryl

    Please help me to get my Le Creuset collection started!! Love this!

  • Danielle

    Yes please!

  • Carin Wilson

    Black one please!!

  • Lee-Ann Aulsebrook

    My cherry red Le Creuset collection could definitely use some coffee goodies! Pretty pretty please?

  • Kris Coetzee

    Awesome! I definitely want!

  • Tara

    *sigh* In my dreams, my whole kitchen is kitted with Le Creuset….

  • Amy

    Ah, how I love (but sadly can’t yet afford) Le Cresuet! My boyfriend is an LC fan too, as well as coffee addicted due to his 3am US working hours. Needle to say, we would adore this prize and most certainly put it to good use :-)

  • Tasquia

    Oh, Goodness, my kitchen says, yes please! Would love to bring another POP of Le Creuset Colour into my kitchen :)

  • Sandy Solomons

    Gorgeous giveaway!

  • laurakim123

    We have been eyeing that plunger out for ages now!!

  • _eatwithaspoon

    Ah, Alida! It’s like you know my heart. Added these to my wishlist the moment i saw them, they’d be perfect in our new house (moving this weekend!!) Yay for pretty Le Creuset!

  • Linda Laing

    Absolutely stunning!!

  • Jade Brennan

    Coffee makes my day, but coffee daily enjoyed in Le Creuset style? Year made!

  • mandimadeit

    I love Le Creuset!

  • Liv Grant

    I’m addicted to Le Creuset AND your Simply Delicious recipe book! How rad that the two are combined – must be fate telling me that I’m a winner 😉

  • Lee-Ann

    The Le Creuset coffee range is a nice addition. Beautiful colours too! 😀

  • Meryl Reddy

    *Wow wee wow wow* Way to go Simply Delicious Blog and Le Creuset!My cherry red kitchen would love to give some Cherry Le Creuset products a new home :)

  • Ailsa Burns

    Definitely a must for any coffee lover :)

  • Ash

    oooh! pick me! it would be PERFECT for my kitchen and make me sooo happyyy!

  • Heidi

    Oh, I’d love to win one of those. I can’t afford any Le Creuset but hopefully one day

  • Lee-Ann Lipman

    Oh goodness, what an incredible giveaway!

  • Valerie Teresa Smit

    What a divine spoiling prize Alida! We are filter coffee brats who drink plunger every morning, hence it’s well worn and due for this upgrade! The baby blue would fit perfectly in my kitchen and would be my first ever Le Creuset treat :)

  • Anneke

    I would LOVE to at least one ONE Le Crueset item!! Too poor to buy any. :'(

  • Hayley

    What a perfect way to celebrate my birthday month!

  • darlingclaire

    Alida – now I’m going to have Le Creuset dreams for a week! I already like your FB page (I mean, how rude if I didn’t.)

  • arran

    i want this so bad!

  • Licia Snyders

    Would be lovely to win this, dont have any Le Creuset goodies in my home, first one, y not.

  • Antoinette Pillay

    I like you am in love with Le Crueset but sadly :( I don’t have the budget as yet to make my first purchase. I would love to win this and so start my collection. I already like your facebook page,

  • Hesti Gerber

    Would go perfect with our new Le Creuset kettle!

  • Harsha

    I wish upon Le Creuset……. anything… All their stuff looks amazing… Reza is using all their products in his African series…. I want ,,, I want,,,,

  • Adam Collingwood

    love love love !!! Le Creuset !

  • Kim Muller

    I would love to own this!!!

  • morgan

    oh this would make my little kitchen so lovely!!

  • Duncan Collins

    This would make my sisters kitchen so amazing

  • Talita van Graan-Erasmus

    Le Creuset, you pretty thing
    drinking from you makes my heart sing.
    You make me break all sorts of commandments
    about wanting things like kitchen enchantments.
    Come live in my cupboard and meet my plates
    they’re gorgeous too, you’ll become good mates.

  • Natalie Mercer

    Nothing better than a bit of Le Creuset colour in the kitchen, if my budget allowed, it would all be Le Creuset.

  • Kayli Vee

    Ahhh love so much! x

  • Elmari

    Jumping up and down, waving arms (from too much coffee), now I just need that canister to make it all look more stylish 😉

  • Candice

    Yay! Oh, how lovely this would look in my kitchen!

  • Astrid

    Coffee and Le Creuset makes the perfect combination! Good luck to all!

  • Claire

    Ooooo pick me! Absolutely all my kitchen items (besides some kitchen appliances) are hand me downs or gifts from my bridal shower 4years ago! I would love a Le Creuset coffee set! Something of my taste!

  • Naidene Cooper

    I would love to win the Purple set!! :)

  • Kristen

    I love Le Creuset!

  • Nicola Meyer

    Love love Le Creuset!!!! Have shared on Facebook

  • Keiasha

    Love Love Love. . . . <3

  • Liz

    Love it! I would Le Creuset my entire kitchen if I could … the colours are sooo delicious :)

  • Annette

    Pick me, please!

  • Ondria

    Nice blog plus love Le Creuset! I will be popping in to read more!

  • Amy Brunette

    I would love love love this prize!

  • Liesl Gebhard

    Oooooh yes please!!! Love Le Creuset!!! Would be a dream to have something from the range!

  • Anastasia

    I simply LOVE all that is Le Creuset! They do the most beautiful things… One day I hope to have acquired a stunning collection in different colours…. Please, help me on my way to a more beautiful kitchen and a happier heart :)

  • Katarina Strydom

    Le Creuset freak:) Love love their products!!!!

  • Ceedotess

    already liked. pick me!!!!

  • Carmelita

    I absolutely love Le Creuset!

  • colleen gast

    Have shared.

  • nicolette

    These new Le Creuset canisters are absolute fantastic and a must have for each kitchen

  • Claire Pienaar

    What a gorgeous cannister! Just lovely! A red one would look beautiful in my kitchen… :)

  • youngkeith

    The colours are amazing!

  • Waldick

    Sorry ladies this one is mine, from the worlds biggest Le Creuset addict. Cooking and entertaining would not be the same without my Le Creuset. We fell in love 15 years ago and is only getting stronger …

  • laradematos


  • Jane

    I love the Le Creseut product range and this prize will definitely be well appreciated in our house with my coffee addict of a boyfriend! It will also be a wonderful accessory in our new kitchen (moving into our first house soon) and of course be the envy of all our friends! *fingers crossed* :)

  • Nicole de Freitas

    My ultimate kitchen accessory!

  • Megan Jacqueline Tapson

    please please please! :)

  • Megsie


  • Jodi

    LOVE Le Creuset!!

  • Joanne Lynch

    I only could afford one piece of Le Creuset but I use it all the time. I would love more pieces.

  • cirsten van den heuvel

    Le Cresuset i love, I love and i Love Simply Delicious blog. Thank you for a fantastic Giveaway :)

  • Kim Hall

    I lOVE Le Creuset too! And I LOVE coffee! What an awesome combination. Thank you!! Will definitely share on FB!

  • Willemien

    A Coffee canister in cassis would look absolutely perfect in my kitchen!!

  • Ryan

    Me please. I really am over having little pieces of coffee floating in my cup. some might say i needed a new plunger :-)

  • wendy

    Would love to win this prize 😉

  • Caity Hutchison

    Le Creuset and Simply Delicious are the perfect partners combining delicious food that I feel confident enough to take on, always with deliciously pleasing results with the rustic chic look of Le Creuset to round off a perfect dish.

  • Jono D

    ooooo so now everyone comments!!

  • Jenn (Student Mom)

    Really? That easy?

  • WordsForLife

    I think Le Creuset would make my morning routine a true thing of beauty!

  • Joleen

    Awesome, I love your blog and Le Creuset!!!

  • Elmari

    OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!! Pick me pick me pick me!!!!!!!! Please, that is = )

  • Carey Pearson

    What a perfect addition to the kitchen! Would love to win this!

  • Corinne

    I especially love the royal blue, it would be a compliment to the color scheme in my kitchen!

  • Angela Tracy Burgess

    I’m an addict too!

  • mandy

    More of a question – how do you choose your colours for le Creuset? I cant just stick to one colour and have a little rainbow in my kitchen

  • Co

    WOW two of my favourite things !!

  • Surette

    I love Le Creuset as well! Awesome

  • Lidia Swart

    I LOVE my coffee and I LOVE Le Crueset! Would love to start my collection off with the first edition to Le Creuset in my kitchen!

  • Jaco

    I love Le Creuset Awesome

  • Pam Belcher

    If this giveaway is on good for residents of SOUTH AFRICA why did you send it to me? What a bunch of crap.

  • Joline Marais

    “J’adore Le Creuset, du café et Simplement Délicieux”. French for “I love Le Creuset, coffee and Simply Delicious.

    I love the Cherry range.

  • glen collingwood

    There is something about Le Creuset that I just love besides it being so useful and that is that it looks so bright and cheerful.

  • Elin Woods

    Now to figure out which color I’d pick if I were to win. That’s the hardest part! Great giveaway!

  • Pauline

    My coffee beans will be thrilled to have a beautiful new Le Creuset home!

  • bellyhearts

    I LOVE the cherry range! Nothing beats a bit of le creuset! <3

  • Dhesh

    I drool every time I see Le Creuset products!

  • Lori B.

    Always a great name in cookware and with such lovely colors how do you know which one you would pick. Thanks for the great recipes. And thanks for the great opportunities.

  • Dhesh

    Already a fan! Shared the post.

  • Carla Marais

    Coffee AND Le Creuset…. could never be a better combo!!

  • Nerina Mills

    I love Le Creuset, what beauty in the Kitchen. And now they’re making coffee goodies, how exciting!

  • happy

    I love Le Creuset. Can i have that please

  • Heather

    This wannabe barista mom would love to add this to her collection of Le Creuset treasures … yes please !!!

  • Georgia Kaldelis

    Le Creuset and I have aged beautifully together :-) Our relationship goes back to the 80’s and even then I thought it was extremely fashionable! Love all their range!

  • Abby

    Ah what an amazing prize!!!

  • Abby

    Liked already on Facebook :)

  • Koren

    Le Creuset has always caught my eye but been out of reach. The red would compliment my kitchen beautifully! :)

  • Antoinette

    Amazing! Le Creuset is so classy, but since I’m a student, classy is hard to afford!

  • Karina Berner

    Oh happy day, when two great loves meet!!! Le Creuset and coffee… can it get any better? I think not!

  • Jenna

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  • LA2MQ

    I would love to win these. I don’t own any Le Creuset, but I have heard that they stand up to their reputation.

  • hjacky

    Simply Delicious + Le Creuset = Yes Please

  • Gina Guthrie

    So gorgeous, would love to win this. I own one Le creuset pan and it’s my favorite pan, such good quality.

  • flyingsquirrel2girl

    gorgeous colors. i’m even a big coffe drinker and i want one!

  • Alida

    Beautiful! This will wake me up with a smile every day

  • Nadia

    Love!! :)


    Would LOVE to add to my small collection! Have liked your page and shared on FB!

  • julie

    I could do with this pick me up.

  • Simone

    Oooh…so pretty…

  • Lauren

    I am in love with Le Creuset, and a coffee fanatic!

  • Liza

    Oh yes please! I’m new to your blog, but love it already. And of course a HUGE Le Creuset fan :) . Plus: I’m a final year med student…and my plunger just broke. If there is anyone who need a good cup of coffee to get through the day, I am high on the list!

  • Annabel Biggar-Davids

    Its taken me almost 18 months but I now own 9 stunning pieces. I love Le Creuset more than shoes and its what i treat myself to every 2 months

  • Lucy

    Love Le Creuset and love coffee,

  • Jackie Pollet

    I love the Le Creuset range and your range of colours are stunning.
    The coffee set would be really useful!

  • Chenelle de Beer

    Would love to win this prize- <3 Le Creuset!

  • Rachel

    Double,double toil and trouble,
    Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

    Creuset – cauldron…. get it 😉

  • Claire Durell

    What better combination than Le Crueset and coffee! Wonderful giveaway. Have also shown you some fb love :) xx

  • Jill

    Love the new pieces!

  • Suzanne Steenkamp

    All I want for my bridal shower is Le Creuset vouchers 😉

  • Athena T. Thomas

    Wonderful! Thanks for having this giveaway

  • Yuki

    I love Le Creuset. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Mireille Porter

    LOVE IT!

  • Lisa Brett

    Oh la la so gorgeous, yes please :)

  • Shaheeda

    This is an awesome prize to win

  • CityGirl

    Oh heavens! I’ve got to get my hands on this prize! I adore Le Creuset! So much so that I gave my own plunger a photoshoot a little while ago (see link below!)

    But now Hubby and I have such different tastes in coffee, he needs his own! PleASE PicK mE!!! :)

  • Lou

    What an awesome giveaway! Lucky for us Simply delicious fans! Good luck everyone :)

  • Kath R

    I’ve love to win this!

  • Odette Redelinghuys

    I love hosting tea parties at my house and would LOVE to win this!

  • Tracy Jacobs

    What an awesome giveaway, shared on fb :)

  • Melissa Delport

    I adore. Pick me! I’m a house wife in the wrong era and need this for my little home!

  • Sharon Hardy

    I love the Le Creuset coffee set and would love to own one.
    What a super prize!!

  • Heidi @ Bits of Sunshine

    This is awesome! YEY!

  • Janine

    i’m Le Crazy about Le Crueset :) …and Le Coffee

  • Carmen Petersen

    Wow. love Le Creuset, the new coffee canister is beautiful!

  • Claire Adams Adendorff

    Oh my giddy Aunt, those are gorgeous ! So love bright vibrant colours

  • Melanie

    Ooooh pick me, I have a slight addiction to Yuppiechef and Le Creuset products are too stunning! So many pretty colours to choose from! :-)

  • Anneke De Clerk

    Wow! Just what i need!

  • postgradslump

    what a great product! would be a great addition!

  • Smurfy

    That coffee press is fantastic!!

  • Zirkie

    Love these! I hope it is available in pink?

  • Vanessa

    What a great combination. Holding thumbs!

  • Toni-Leigh Davies

    Pick Me! Such a gorgeous range!

  • Christian

    A turquoise Le Creuset cafetière and storage pot would add so much happiness in my life, if there is any justice in this world, may it smile upon me and let those two Le Creuset gifts wing their way into my life and kitchen.

  • Noori

    Le Creuset has TOP QUALITY products in the most delightful colors… simply Love it !

  • Sharon

    I love a clean look so I would opt for white

  • Areteo

    Looks great!

  • MeeA Parkins

    I LOVE Le Creuset and cannot *wait* to be able to stock my entire kitchen with their stuff!

  • Caitie m

    Ooh pretty! Love the light blue, cream or white!

  • Elmarie

    Le Coffee le Creuset ooh la la! Cream please!

  • Robyn Addinall

    So sexy. I’m a fan of the turqoise blue.

  • Bronwin Marsh

    Awesome prize :) shared on FB

  • Krystal Schroder

    Addicted. Right from the get go.

  • Craig Botha

    Very nice. Especially the dark blue. My wife would love it in our kitchen. And love the new site!

  • Nicky Barber

    i heart Le Creuset! your new site is gorgeous as well, congrats…

  • tami

    I love the Marseilles range. Plzzzzz pick me 😉 xx

  • Jackie Buss

    Definitely Posting on FaceBook and Twitter too :-) I need me some Le Creuset Goodness in my kitchen, desparately! :)

  • Zayaan27

    Oh wow, these are gorgeous! I would love this so much!!

  • Jo of The Food Crew

    This would look gorgeous in my cottage kitchen… After the Celebrity Bake Stars Event my little collection is growing… slowwwwwwly, it’s a long term plan. Le Crueset lasts longer than your memory does 😀

  • Hayley

    Love love love Le Creuset :) Thanks for the great competition! Shared with all my friends :)

  • Theoni


  • Keith Gough

    Really need these beautiful canisters to complete our range

  • Delia Jordaan

    beautiful as always, I hope they bring out complementary canistars for tea and sugar to make a complete storage set.

  • Sam Taylor

    Be still my heart. Love.

  • Albertus van Rensburg

    Shared. This will be a great addition to a single guy’s kitchen. :-)

  • Liesl Hartje

    Oh, my heart is all a flutter, what rapture these beauties would bring to my little Kitchenette!

  • Andrew


  • Bernita

    liked and shared! i too have a Le Creuset obsession :) Orange is my favorite colour!

  • Tandy Sinclair

    I have been eyeing these out since they launched them, wondering how my credit card will cope. Love the new look Alida :)

  • Adeela

    absolutely beautiful :) I would not mind owning some le Creuset items – lovely bright colours and impeccable quality!

  • Kate Phillips

    Love love love, this will look great in my kitchen!

  • Lilly

    OMG Le Creuset always surprise me with their new ideas. I love my coffee but have never thought of putting it in a beautiful Le Creuset plunger. I also must have their whole range

  • Nicole

    Is it possible to be obsessed with something that you don’t own yet?… Yes! I need to get me some Le Creuset :)

  • Patricia Peak

    Love this in Caribean….that’s the color I have done my kitchen in and the most recent Le Creuset pieces that have hit my kitchen……….

  • Ces

    Beautiful new items….these definitely go to the top of my to-buy list if I don’t win!

  • Ansunette

    I would LOVE to win one of those beauties!

  • Doris van Rensburg

    I would rather like to win a red set. 😉

  • Jackie

    These are stunning! The red one is my favourite :)

  • Marlene Dundas

    OMG Le Creuset always surprise me with their new ideas. I love my coffee but have never thought of putting it in a beautiful Le Creuset plunger. I also must have their whole range.

  • Sarah

    How cool! The red is amazing!

  • Janet

    I would LOVE the coffee canister for my beans <3

  • Charlotte Coetzee

    I love the red!

  • Adrian Phipps

    You gotta be in it to win it.. So here goes nothing!! Liked and shared as requested….

  • Samantha pillay

    Love Le Creuset, would love this as a start of to a collection :)

  • Jessica du Toit

    love le creuset and would love to add o our newly started collection!

  • Vanessa Jones

    Love your recipes – loving your give away even more! Holding thumbs <3 Hope to win a little something something! Liked and shared!

  • Marie du Plooy

    Curry, Paprika, Pepper, coffee… these spice colours set the tone. Really hot stuff! Inspired by piquant kitchen spices (to me at least) these colours certainly do heat up the kitchen scene!

  • Taryn

    Would abso-flippin-lutely LOVE to win one of these amazing pieces!!!!!

  • Dan Calderwood

    Big fan of Le Creuset and YOU! keep it up.

  • Samantha Annelyn Murugan

    OMG, what a fabulous prize!

  • Tamzin Nel

    Just bought a little flat so this would be the perfect addition to my new kitchen 😉

  • Anzel Nel-Jewaskiewitz

    Love the cherry red! Absolute Le Creuset fan

  • Samantha Steele

    I HEART Le Creuset, love the blues (all of them). Holding thumbs and toes!!!

  • Donna Suddes

    Would looooooove to win this!

  • Monique

    Nice!!! 😀

  • Doné Else

    Huge fan of their stuff

  • Lorraine Schultz

    Goodness, who cannot fall in love with Le Creuset? The different colors of Le Creuset just give you that warm feeling in your heart as you prepare something nice in them for your family! Can just be an asset for your kitchen <3

  • Ariane

    Who doesn’t love Le Creuset stuff! I know i loovvee them!


    Their products are fantastic! and last for ever! The colours of their cookware and table ware are absolutely great!

  • Sandy Douglas

    Love Love Love

  • Jeannie

    ooooh, such a lovely giveaway, holding thumbs!!!!

  • Alex

    I loooove Creuset!!! The colours are gorgeous!!!

  • Donnay Strydom

    Absolutely Gorgeous! The Red is stunning!!!!

  • Joure's rustic Kitchen

    This would be perfect to add to my Le Creuset dishes I already have!

  • Karien Saaiman

    Stunning! I just love the Caribbean Blue colour (the light blue!) I’m already a facebook fan and have shared to facebook! Here’s holding thumbs 😀 Good luck everyone!!!

  • elizabeth h

    Great colours!!

  • Lindsey

    I’m such a Le Creuset addict! Pick me, pick me

  • Lorenda Lubbe

    Sjoe this so pretty!! Would love to own this!

  • Kirsty Baker

    Ah what an amazing product, so beautiful. would be so amazing to win<3

  • Zetta Pieterse

    Absolutley stunning stunning. Would be so proud to have this beautiful colours in my boring kitchen.

  • Claudz

    Great giveaway!

  • Harsha

    Summer around the corner but a pot of coffee is for all seasons!!

  • Lauren Roodt

    SO glad i spotted this magical give-away just in time! Love love love!

  • Angeliqueca Roux

    What a fantastic giveaway! Love the red, will match the other Le Creuset goodies in my kitchen!

  • Gill

    Ooh I’m a Le Creuset “virgin” so would love to start my collection :-)

  • Andrea

    I just bought my firts Le Creuset product with Birthday money and am loving my new Casserole!!!! Would love to win this prize!! Ps. my mom still have a Le Creuset Paella pan that they received as a wedding present 41 years ago and it is still in PERFECT condition – so buying a Le Creuset item really is a livetime investment!!!

  • Mike

    Very very nice, if they are anything like the rest of the range – these will be fantastic.

  • June

    Am I too late – love your blog and Le Creuset – a good combo!

  • N_beth

    love the new range

  • Minx

    I absolutely LOVE Le Creuset, the bright new colours and variety of products certainly makes spending time in the kitchen more fun. The coffee range would definitely add that WOW factor to my kitchen, being the coffee addict that I am. Good luck All :)

  • Mario

    ANything coming from Le Creuset is pure quality !

  • Vicky van Gemert

    Been drooling over Le Creuset for years. Maybe now is a good time to start my collection…. and what better place to start than their coffee range – Coffee addict that I am…

  • Petro Odendaal

    I started my Le Creuset collection after we received their casserole dish from a very generous guest at our wedding.. I obviously loved it and started adding pieces!! The Coffee canister & French press will fit perfect on my kitchen shelf :)

  • Paula

    Ooh, Le Creuset – what a wonderful giveaway!

  • Brenda Wentworth

    SO Gorgeous!!! Want to Win really BAD!!!!!

  • Paula

    I love Le Creuset and coffee – what a great combination!

  • Marlene

    My fave kitchen gear : ).

  • The Blessed One

    Count me in!

  • marwyn sowden

    Stunning range!

  • Laura Ford

    I love the black, but also the white – these would look so good in my new kitchen!!!