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Book Review – Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

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Kitchen - Nigella

When I was asked by Food24 and to review a book, and was given the choice of which one it would be, I immediately chose Nigella. Not surprisingly though. When I was younger and Nigella was on, on Friday nights, I would choose her over going out most of the time. I’ve always been the biggest Nigella fan and my dad still believes when he’s big he’s going to marry her.

I know many people don’t like the way she flirts with the camera or makes cooking sauce seem like she’s shooting a porno, but I love all that about her. She made cooking sexy and fun again. The way she disregards most recipes and just uses the idea of it as inspiration is what I base my cooking on as well.

Nigella is known for super easy recipes but in this book she has outdone herself. The recipes in this book, although really impressive, are also really do-able. Even people who normally burn toast will be able to rustle up a delicious meal using these recipes.

At the beginning of the book, Nigella has a list of appliances and tools she feels is a must in her kitchen and then she wrote a list of all the ridiculous appliances and tools that she’s bought over the years. It’s really very entertaining to read through this list as you can really relate to what she is saying about things like a electric grater and a yoghurt maker (well I could anyway) .

Nigella’s idea of the perfect kitchen is my dream. Nigella, like me, likes kitchen tools, gadgets and vessels to be on display. It makes your kitchen look used and user-friendly. You really feel Nigella’s love for her kitchen while reading this book and her enthusiasm makes you love yours more as well.

Nigella knows that if you really hate cooking and your kitchen, she won’t change your mind with this book. After all, the kitchen is the place she escapes to, not from. But she also says that you should not be scared of your kitchen and you should stop putting pressure on yourself. Your food doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, look like a pro-chef’s food. Nor should your kitchen look like a restaurant kitchen. Familiarize yourself with your kitchen and know how everything works, this will make being in the kitchen a lot easier, and more fun.

Nigella wrote this book for exactly this reason. She absolutely adores her kitchen and it’s the heart of the home in her opinion. She loves everything about her kitchen and so she felt she had to share that love with her fans. She has been planning this book for 10 years and boy, she doesn’t disappoint.

Nigella Kitchen

My favourite recipes out of Kitchen are the Chicken Teriyaki, Gloriously Green Grasshopper Pie, Papperdelle with butternut & blue cheese and the stunning Maple-Pecan Cake. Gorgeous!! But everything from pasta, rice and mussels in cider to a whole chapter on meat on the bone and chicken is included in this book. 190 recipes including 60 express-style at 30 minutes or under. Incredible! The recipes are easy enough for novice cooks to be able to handle but interesting and innovating enough for the more experienced in the kitchen.

Nigella’s writing style makes it feel like you are reading a letter from a good friend. Even though she is mega-rich, world famous and gorgeous, she is so personable and I know if she would just read my e-mails, letters, tweets and respond to my smoke signals, we could be really good friends.

Jokes aside, I might not be completely objective when it comes to Nigella because I love her SO much but even the husband, who is sometimes jealous of my love for Nigella, was impressed with the recipes and ideas in this book. And with the Holidays coming up, there is no better stocking-filler than the new Nigella. Even non-foodies will be blown-away.

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Alida Ryder
Being a general food freak has proven to be quite helpful in this career I've found myself in. Author of two cookbooks, photographer, food stylist. Mom to twins. Ex make-up and hair artist obsessed with beautiful clothes and spaces. I love a good G&T and I've been known to spend too much money on shoes.
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Showing 12 comments
  • Sarah

    My other half gave me this book for christmas. Some great recipes but I prefer Nigella Bites. My all time favourite, is her recipe for coca cola ham…absolutely delicious!

  • Lori

    I too, am in love with Nigella. Read everyone of her books, got ehr dvd’s and even got her biography. Love love love!
    This book sounds like an ideal addition to my “nigella” shelf on my cookbook shelf!
    Total role model for me in the way she is unabashedly proud of her figure, her love of food and the way she eats and lives.

  • Lulu

    We’ve been using her Xmas turkey brining procedure for 5 years now, and it’s always been gloriously juicy, even if you just do it on a turkey breast joint. In fact it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without the ritual of the salt, sugar oranges, star anise and cinnamon sticks in the soaking box. But you must have a lid, or something on the top !

  • Simone

    Darn it….I wanted Jamie for xmas…now I want this!!! Luckily its my bday 2 days before xmas so maybe I can get both if i beg enough;-)

    • Ally_R

      hehe I hope you get both!

  • Doné

    mmmmm, I think I want this book for Christmas. Maybe I can make sexy food as well. Love your review, Ally.

    • Ally_R

      Done : With Nigella, anything is possible! 😉 Thanx!

  • Tess

    Not sure if I should ask Santa for Nigella or the Jamie 30 min one…choices, choices… What would you suggest?

  • Rene

    I’m absolutely in love with her, but my husband finds her totally revolting.

    One thing that I love about her shows is I’ve watch her make things and it was so easy that I could also make them (without going to look for a recipe) and it was always delicious. I also love Jamie, but I always have to go and look up the recipes.

    • Ally_R

      Kiki : You have to beg and plead darling! It’s worth it!

      Rene : My husband just doesn’t like her coz I give her more attention when she’s on tv lol.

      Tess : wow, that’s a hard decision. But I’m a die-hard Nigella fan so I would go for that, but the Jamie is excellent too!!

  • Kiki

    I also LOVE Nigella and the way she makes cooking seem sooooo easy and fun!

    I WANT this cook book for Christmas!!!!!

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