Croque Madame

When I first started this blog back in 2009, I struggled to find a name that really resonated with me then someone said something along the s of “your food is just simply icious. No frills, [...]

Easy poached egg & smashed avocado toast

When I was growing up, I had this vision of what my life would one day be like. I would have beautiful kids (check!), a handsome husband (check!) and we would have a wonderful life together [...]

Granadilla (Passion fruit) curd

When I was very young, whenever we would visit my paternal grandmother, I would be lo forward to it with utter excited anticipation. I d visiting her because, no only did she have a huge dog whom [...]

Slow-roasted cherry tomato and peppered goat’s cheese quiche

I found the most beautiful cherry tomatoes on the vine while grocery shopping last week and just had to buy them. I adore juicy, sweet cherry tomatoes and these were so gorgeous, I couldn’t [...]

Pea & Gammon Frittata

  I making frittatas when I have left-overs as the frittata lends itself to any flavour combination and any ingredients. I used left-over gammon for this frittata and added sweet caramelised [...]

Eggs Benedict with left-over Gammon

I good left-overs. There is nothing as satisfying as standing in front of the fridge and knowing you have a few slices of icious gammon or roast turkey to turn into something ectable. It’s [...]

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