Bacon, mushroom and crispy onion pizza and the ultimate steak salad

  As the warmth of Summer gives way to the chilly days of autumn, many people hang up their braai tongs and pack away the charcoal in anticipation of time spent indoors. I’m here to tell you [...]

Onion and feta fritters with sweet chilli soy dipping sauce + Win a cheese hamper

Listen, we’re starting this week off with a little bit of indulgence but sometimes on a Monday, that’s exactly what you need. Because you guys, why do I still hate Mondays so much?! I [...]

Chinese chicken salad

Let’s face it, this salad is as much Chinese as I am but I saw a version of this on a while ago while I was mindlessly scrolling through (as you do), and it stuck with me. It’s very, [...]

Sticky sriracha-honey chicken wings

Is there anything glorious than a chicken wing, so sticky it leaves a coating on your fingers, forcing you to lick them off? I think not. And these here wings are the stickiest of all the sticky [...]

Spicy roast chicken salad with ciabatta crisps and creamy lemon dressing

While many of you are bidding summer goodbye, we here in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming it with open arms. Well, semi-open. You see, spring is my ultimate favourite season. I that the [...]