Jamie Oliver’s Fish Pie

When you want to make something like Fish Pie, there’s really only one person you go to, to find a recipe and that person is Jamie Oliver. I consult Jamie’s bos quite often as I his [...]

Curried baked Hake

This is the ultimate, simple but darn icious weeknight dinner. During weeks like this one, the last thing I feel like doing is slaving over the stove. My time is limited but the family still want [...]

Easy-Peasy Prawn Bisque

  Yesterday, after poaching prawns for a project I’m busy with, I was left with a whole lotta shells and a will to do something with them. You see, when I co prawns for my family, I usually [...]

Roasted tomato & chili calamari linguini

Today, most South Africans go back to work and after a much-needed break, so am I. And I won’t lie, I really don’t want to. Of course I am so excited for 2013 especially as I have [...]

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