Crispy bacon & brie grilled cheese sandwich with caramelised onions

Halllooooo grilled cheese goodness (imagine me saying that in the same way the Animaniacs used to say ‘Hallloooo nurse!’). Isn’t it weird what stuff stays with you from your [...]

Blueberry lemon scones

As I mentioned last week in my Cheese & Chive scones post, I used the same dough to make a sweet version and boy-oh-boy, were these good! I love when one recipe is so versatile and can be [...]

Cheese & Chive scones

You break open one of these scones, a puff of steam escapes from the hot centre. You slather on a thick layer of butter which instantly melts into a golden puddle of goodness. You lift the scone [...]

Coconut, Banana & Berry Smoothie with Chia seeds

  I am not exactly a smoothie person. I would so much rather be eating fruit than drinking them but every now and then I just don’t have time for breakfast and making a smoothie takes mere [...]