Mexican chicken soup with charred baby corn

Ok disclaimer time: This soup is probably not at all Mexican but listen, adding all those icious spices and then topping it with avocado made it taste quite a lot like icious chicken tacos in [...]

Cheese jalapeño corn fritters

What is it about sweetcorn? Why is it so damn icious? I have always d this humble vegetable but of late I find myself craving it. Simply steamed, slathered in butter, mixed into batter to make a [...]

Celeriac & roasted garlic soup with parsley oil

I winter. I that I get to co soups, stews, curries and roasts weekly. I the root vegetables that are available in abundance and I experimenting with them. Using them in all ways, shapes and [...]

Roasted Cauliflower & Truffle soup

I’m in a bit of a veg-obsessed state at the moment. My absolute favourites right now are beetroot and cauliflower and I have a feeling my family are going to beg me to stop serving them [...]

Roast tomato soup with the ultimate Toasted Cheese sandwich

When I was young, I despised tomato soup. I always thought it tasted of tomato sauce, which is strange because I liked tomato sauce (ketchup) on everything. But now, I appreciate its subtle [...]

Easy-Peasy Prawn Bisque

  Yesterday, after poaching prawns for a project I’m busy with, I was left with a whole lotta shells and a will to do something with them. You see, when I co prawns for my family, I usually [...]