Roasted Cauliflower & Truffle soup

I’m in a bit of a veg-obsessed state at the moment. My absolute favourites right now are beetroot and cauliflower and I have a feeling my family are going to beg me to stop serving them [...]

Roast tomato soup with the ultimate Toasted Cheese sandwich

When I was young, I despised tomato soup. I always thought it tasted of tomato sauce, which is strange because I liked tomato sauce (ketchup) on everything. But now, I appreciate its subtle [...]

Easy-Peasy Prawn Bisque

  Yesterday, after poaching prawns for a project I’m busy with, I was left with a whole lotta shells and a will to do something with them. You see, when I co prawns for my family, I usually [...]

Chilli Con Carne Soup

I am a really big fan of Chilli Con Carne. I that it can be simply eaten in a bowl with a good grating of cheese or it can be transformed into something elaborate served with guacamole, salsa [...]

Roast Pork & Split Pea Soup

I know many people are fond of the old classic, Pea & Ham soup. Although I don’t have anything against it, I wanted to update it slightly and play around with the flavours a bit . I [...]

Chicken Curry Soup

Today, it is Freezing in Pretoria. Absolutely toe-numbing, teeth chattering freezing. And the only thing I want to do is jump back under the covers with a bowl of this soup…even though [...]

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