Onion and feta fritters with sweet chilli soy dipping sauce + Win a cheese hamper

Listen, we’re starting this week off with a little bit of indulgence but sometimes on a Monday, that’s exactly what you need. Because you guys, why do I still hate Mondays so much?! I [...]

Roasted butternut and buffalo mozzarella pasta bake

Yeah, so this is happening right now. Allllll of that cheese and sweet roasted butternut and perfect pasta. All going down as we speak. Because did you know that left-over pasta makes for a great [...]

Cheese and tomato baked ravioli

Listen, today’s post is a bit of a cheat. Ok fine. A really big cheat. Because other than making the tomato sauce (and in a pinch, you can even outsource that), there is very little effort [...]

Spiced pear butter cake

It’s Friday and I could not be happier about it. Even when I have some work to do over the weekend, Fridays are always just my favourite. Fridays are like a big sigh of relief for me, [...]