Easy strawberry jam

Easy, no pectin strawberry jam to be enjoyed on warm, buttered toast or dolloped onto scones with lashings of whipped cream? Yes please! Yep, me again on that preserves/pickle train. You guys, I [...]

Easy vegetable chow mein

Saucy noodles stir-fried with pretty much any/all of the vegetables in your fridge, perfect for slurping and done in less than 20 minutes? Vegetable chow mein is here to iver on all of that. [...]

Easy pickled radishes

I am having a bit of a moment with pickles. Something pickled lands up on my plate at least once a day and I simply can not get enough. I just how pickled foods enhance anything else you serve [...]

Quick and easy Guacamole

Guacamole is a thing that happens a LOT around these parts. It is my go-to snack paired with corn chips or home-made tortilla chips, it is dolloped generously on sandwiches, burgers and tacos and [...]

Saucy fries

You guys, today’s post is such a cheat. Technically this isn’t even really a recipe. But there’s a reason I’m sharing it with you today. You see, this is my lazy food. The [...]