De Hoek Country Hotel

My husband and I were so lucky to enjoy a night away from the city at the gorgeous De Hoek Country hotel in Magaliesburg this weekend. We were invited by Land Rover as this would be the first of [...]

Coffee Pudding – Café Enrista

How often does it happen that you’re planning a camping trip or a vacation to a self-catering apartment somewhere and you have to pack a million different containers for all the different food [...]

Nobu – One & Only Cape Town

Nobu. Just the sound of it is intriguing. Telling people that you’re going to Nobu for dinner is usually met with jealous los and a few under-the-breathe mutterings of hatred. So you can [...]

Pretoria Boeremark

In South Africa, markets have only really become popular in the last 3-5 years. But one that has been running and insanely popular over the last, well for as long as I can remember and then some, [...]