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June favourites

 In Lifestyle

Salt sugar smoke by Diana Henry

June has been a pretty fabulous month for me. Not only was it my 27th birthday but I also just seem to blossom during the colder months. I love wearing scarves every day, I get to have my hair down without worrying that the weight of it will leave me hot and bothered within 2 minutes of leaving home and I just love everything associated with winter. Mug after mug of coffee/tea, cuddling on the couch under fluffy blankets, long baths and comfort food. It also helps that our winters are not really winters at all. As I type this, it’s a comfortable 18°c outside. We also have blue skies most of the time which leaves me pretty happy as the moment it becomes cloudy, I become cloudy. Me no likey grey skies. Anyway, so this month I’ve really loved lazing around, reading tons (especially cookbooks) and drinking my fair share of coffee. It’s quite obvious why I’ve chosen these items as my favourites:

Revol crush cups

Revol crush cup

I am absolutely obsessed with these cups. I am quite a sucker for anything ‘designy’ and so these are right up my alley. They don’t hold a particularly large amount of coffee but they work perfectly with our Nespresso machine and they’re so fabulous, I’ll forgive them that one little thing. They come in a variety of awesome colours but as is the case most often, I gravitated towards the white. Find them on Yuppiechef or Revol’s website.

Le Creuset sillicone spatula

Le Creuset Venus large spatula

Yet again, Le Crueset gets me with their gorgeous designs and functional products. This spatula has been used all day, every day since the day I got it. I use it for everything from stirring oats in the morning and making scrambled eggs to beating butter into fluffy mashed potatoes. Again, these come in a range of gorgeous colours and I have yet to find a range of spatulas as durable as these. Find them at or

Spotted soup mugs

Spotted soup mug

During winter, soup is on our menu all the time and what better way to enjoy soup than in a gorgeous soup mug? I found these at Woolworths and thought they were just too darling. They hold a generous amount of soup and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Win! Find them here.

Salt sugar smoke by Diana Henry

Salt Sugar Smoke by Diana Henry

I have been making my way through a big pile of cookbooks over the last month but the one I have enjoyed most is Salt Sugar Smoke by one of my absolutely favourite cookery writers, Diana Henry. Diana’s style of writing and recipes are accessible without being boring and predictable which is exactly what I’m looking for in a good cookbook. I want to be challenged just ever so slightly and presented with interesting techniques, ingredients and methods and this book delivers that and so much more. It’s a beautifully presented book all about preserving fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and guides you through making curds, chutneys and sauces as well as curing and salting your own meat and fish. The photography by Laura Edwards is exquisite and I have a “need-to-make” note by practically every recipe. This is a must-have for every food lover and cookbook fanatic. Find it on TakeAlot or Amazon.




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