“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ”   -Virginia Woolf

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Fried Goat’s cheese & Pomegranate salad

I always serve a salad in some form with our Christmas meal (this year it will be dinner instead of lunch) and even though a regular mixed or Greek salad works just fine, I wanted to turn up the dial and decided to pull out all the stops to make the salad a show-stopper. […]

Pea & Gammon Frittata

  I love making frittatas when I have left-overs as the frittata lends itself to any flavour combination and any ingredients. I used left-over gammon for this frittata and added sweet caramelised onions and frozen petit pois as a nod to the classic combination of ham and peas.  This really is a fantastic way […]

Eggs Benedict with left-over Gammon

I love good left-overs. There is nothing as satisfying as standing in front of the fridge and knowing you have a few slices of delicious gammon or roast turkey to turn into something delectable. It’s also satisfying because I feel incredible proud of my resourcefulness and the fact that I’m not wasting when I […]

Apricot & Apple Glazed Gammon

As a teenager, the thought of Gammon repulsed me. Yes, I know that’s a strong word to use but it’s the truth. I hated the way the cold (this is the way my family served it), pink meat was covered in a sweet layer of jelly with pieces of pineapple and cherry in it. […]

Fruit & Yoghurt Tarts

During summer, we all look for delicious desserts which can offer a source of nutrients while still tasting good, and so, when Special K asked me to come with a fabulous recipe I thought this one would be just perfect. An added bonus is that tart requires no cooking. Simply assemble in little time. I decided to […]
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