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“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. ”   -Luciano Pavarotti

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Passion fruit yoghurt cake with White chocolate drizzle

When granadillas (or passion fruit, as they are more commonly known) are in season in South Africa, I buy them religiously. I love how their floral fragrance fills the house and their tart, juicy flesh always makes my mouth water. My paternal grandmother used to have a granadilla tree in her garden and whenever we […]

Chicken Souvlaki with Zucchini Tzatziki

As a little girl (and teenager), I was always amazed at how adventurous my mom was for someone who never traveled abroad. She would wear kaftans with exotic prints on them while the other moms at school would wear twin sets with jeans. She would wear huge pearl and gem stone rings, wear her very […]

Almond & Parmesan crumbed chicken

I’m going to be honest with you. Low carb eating isn’t the hardest thing in the world after you accept that bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cake, doughnuts and sugar are off limits. But then you remember that things that are crumbed just taste so much better and then you want to die a little because […]

Pork green curry stir fry

I found inspiration for this recipe in a book I bought in December called The Real Meal Revolution. It’s all about the “Banting” (low carb high fat) way of eating and I found it quite inspiring. I’m not going to get into this topic (as I think that there’s enough debate going on around it […]

Kids Lunchbox ideas

At the beginning of the school year I’m always filled with lots of inspiration to pack nutritious, exciting lunch boxes for my kids. This usually lasts around a month or two (if I’m lucky) because reality sets in and I just don’t have energy for much when I need to pack their lunchboxes. Well, that’s […]

Passionfruit & ginger cocktail

Look, I’ve never said no to a good cocktail and when I first had a version of this one at KOI (my favourite Asian restaurant), I was hooked. The way the floral acidity of the passion fruit (or granadilla as we call them in South Africa) and the ginger complement each other is just magic […]
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