Sweet & Spicy Chicken on Sort of Waldorf Salad

Another Summer essential of mine, is Salad. I love it in every way, shape and form. I usually add grilled chicken to ours to make it more of a Substantial meal but even without it most salads are GREAT. Last night I knew  I wanted to make salad and I had Pecans, Granny Smith Apples and the usual salad stuff, so I decided to do a bit of a Ally-Style Waldorf. I unfortunately had no celery but it didn’t matter…this was GREAT. The Pecans, Apples and tangy mayo dressing worked PERFECTLY with the spicy chicken. Perfect Summer Supper.

Sweet & Spicy Chicken on Sort of Waldorf Salad

This is enough for about 4 people, if there are more, just increase the amounts for the salad ingredients.

1 large Chicken breast per person
3 cups Orange Juice
4 Garlic Cloves, Crushed
1 tsp Paprika
4 Red Chillies, roughly chopped ( I wanted it really spicy)
3tbsn Honey
1tsp Salt

1 handful lettuce per person (I used Sweet baby greens)
2 Large, Granny Smith Apples, roughly chopped
Pecans, Chopped. About ½ handful per person
1 punnet Cherry Tomatoes
½ Large Cucumber, sliced
2 feta rounds, roughly chopped

½ cup Mayo (I use the NOLA Creamy original one)
3 tbsn Vinegar
2tbsn Milk
1tbsn Wholegrain Mustard
1tsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt

  • Marinade the chicken in the Orange Juice and spices for at least 30 minutes.
  • Grill Chicken for +- 6 mins per side and baste regularly with leftover marinade.
  • Combine all the salad ingredients.
  • Combine all the dressing ingredients and shake/stir well to ensure it’s well mixed.
  • Dress the salad and top with sliced Chicken Breasts.

Serve with crusty bread.

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