Classic banana bread

It must be nice to be a banana bread. Everybody likes you. Even the people who hate bananas like banana bread. And it’s so easy to see why. There are few things as iciously comforting than eating [...]

Peanut butter swirl Banana bread

When I still had a stall at the Hazel Food Market in Pretoria, I sold these banana loaves and every week I would bake than the previous week, and every week I would sell out after a few hours. [...]

Hummingbird Cupcakes

The first time I saw Hummingbird cupcakes was on the Martha Stewart website. They were gorgeous and I d the idea of a cupcake filled with banana, pineapple and coconut as I just adore these [...]

Banana Cream Pie

This is the second week that I’ve started off with a dessert recipe, but during Winter, sometimes that’s all you need. And this being my birthday week, it’s even justified. [...]

Chocolate – Banana Springrolls

When I was in Cape Town for the Pasella shoot a month ago, I went for dinner afterwards with my good friend Sam Linsell from Drizzle and Dip. I told her I’m in the mood for some really [...]