Creamy oatmeal bowls with raspberries, seeds and honey

Last week I told you how I vowed to make breakfast of a priority in our house and I am happy to say, we are still going strong. I even got up 30 minutes earlier this morning to co my kids a [...]

Whole-wheat vanilla pumpkin pancakes with salted caramel

I blame for this post. with their plethora of pumpkin-filled iciousness and pumpkin in every way, shape and form filling my time. How can you not want pumpkin-everything when you stare at that [...]

Eggs Benedict on Hash browns

It’s FRIDAY!!! This has been one heck of a long week for me and I am so incredibly happy that the weekend is finally here. Also, Summer has arrived with a bang in South Africa. A week ago I [...]

Easy poached egg & smashed avocado toast

When I was growing up, I had this vision of what my life would one day be like. I would have beautiful kids (check!), a handsome husband (check!) and we would have a wonderful life together [...]

Coconut, Banana & Berry Smoothie with Chia seeds

  I am not exactly a smoothie person. I would so much rather be eating fruit than drinking them but every now and then I just don’t have time for breakfast and making a smoothie takes mere [...]

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