Roasted pumpkin risotto with haloumi pops and chilli syrup

Tis the season to share all the pumpkin recipes. Except, for me this doesn’t make much sense because I live in South Africa and right now the last thing on anyone’s mind is autumnal [...]

Baked Risotto with Butternut, Pine Nuts & Sage

This past week we’ve had the most beautiful weather, warm and sunny during the days and only slightly chilly at night. But it seems like the cold front is hitting us and when that happens I [...]

Chicken Cottage Pie with 3-Vegetable Mash

I am really not a fan of Cottage Pie. You see, I like a bit of texture to my food. I like when there’s something I can bite into or something that adds a bit of crunch, and with Cottage [...]

Butternut & Feta Canneloni

I know this los like lasagna, but I assure you, it’s Canneloni. As you’ll recall, I stuffing things. Poultry, vegetables and pasta are my favourites. And because I haven’t [...]