Easy grilled Mexican chicken with pico de gallo

No but really now. This heat. You guys, it’s been so darn hot in Pretoria (and most of South Africa, in fact) this last week. I’m talking about it reaching 20°c (68°f)  by 7am and by [...]

Sweet chilli and Soy baked chicken

Every night while I’m coing dinner the twins come into the kitchen and ask me what I’m making. And every night they say “Sticky chicken?” before I get to answer. Most [...]

Roasted chicken breasts with mustard cream sauce

  I’m often asked why my food tastes to good. And I’m always stumped for an answer because honestly, I just co with really good ingredients and I know which flavours work together and [...]

The ultimate fried chicken

I have absolutely always d Fried Chicken. As a young girl, my dad would treat us by bringing home a bucket of chicken and I would be a over the moon. As I grew older though, I realised that this [...]

Nigel Slater’s Coq au Riesling

For my birthday a week or so ago, I was spoiled with something I have wanted for a very, VERY long time. A perfect, white Le Creuset 30cm Buffet Casserole. Well that was my idea anyway. I went to [...]

Baked penne with smoked chicken & mushrooms

This is one of those recipes that kind of just happened. I had kids nagging me for pasta and had some smed chicken close to it’s expiry date and so decided to just throw everything [...]

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