Chicken Biryani

If you had to ask me what my favourite cuisine was, I would probably not be able to tell you. But I might be able to narrow it down to three or four and in those Indian food would rank pretty [...]

Buffalo chicken sliders with blue cheese sauce

So yes, this is food porn at its finest. And yes, I do hate that word but is there any other word that so perfectly explains the feelings you have towards seriously glossy, dripping, juicy-loing, [...]

Sticky Sesame chicken

“Another sticky chicken recipe?”, I hear you ask. Yes my friends, the children have spen and as all parents know, when your children speak, you must listen. When the twins asked me to [...]

Korean Fried Chicken

I have been obsessed with Korean Fried Chicken (the proper KFC) for the longest time. I first saw it a while ago on an American food show and I was instantly intrigued. I have always been a fan [...]

Roasted chicken breasts with mustard cream sauce

  I’m often asked why my food tastes to good. And I’m always stumped for an answer because honestly, I just co with really good ingredients and I know which flavours work together and [...]