Spicy roast chicken salad with ciabatta crisps and creamy lemon dressing

While many of you are bidding summer goodbye, we here in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming it with open arms. Well, semi-open. You see, spring is my ultimate favourite season. I that the [...]

Crispy chicken, mozzarella and avocado burgers with lemon mayo

Let’s just take a moment to lo at this burger. Really lo at it. Yep, that chicken is ridiculously crispy. Oh yes, that is half of a perfectly ripe avocado on top. And yup, you guessed it, [...]

Roast chicken melts with jalapeño mayo and salsa

We’re in! For the last MONTH (!!), all we’ve done is paint, sand, re-paint and decorate our new home. And for a while I was super certain that we would finish everything on time. [...]

Mexican chicken and rice casserole

Warning: In this post I will be talking about real life stuff so if you are only after the recipe, proceed to scroll through all the rambly stuff.  So, my life has been pretty hectic at the [...]

Chicken Parmesan pasta bake

I’ve been having one of those weeks. You know the one. The one where you know you should be working but the inspiration levels are lower than low and you would rather be watching reruns of [...]

Chicken Biryani

If you had to ask me what my favourite cuisine was, I would probably not be able to tell you. But I might be able to narrow it down to three or four and in those Indian food would rank pretty [...]

Buffalo chicken sliders with blue cheese sauce

So yes, this is food porn at its finest. And yes, I do hate that word but is there any other word that so perfectly explains the feelings you have towards seriously glossy, dripping, juicy-loing, [...]