Roast Chicken breasts on Barley Risotto

When you say Barley to me, I think about people living amongst trees, wearing hemp sacks and singing along with the birds. I also think of dry, chewy and bland grain and how I used to despise it [...]

Pecorino Crumbed Chicken

Sometimes, I don’t find it necessary to write a long post describing the dish I’ve coed. Sometimes, all you need to do is lo at the picture and know that this is going to damn good. [...]

Mexican Chicken & Bean Stew

I am often left standing in front of my fridge/freezer before dinner not having a clue what to co. During these times my creativity is tested to the max and I sometimes come up with the most [...]

Healthier Chicken Parmigiana

Throughout Winter, most people turn to a bowl of soup, stew or curry to get warm and toasty but at times I feel like it’s just a bit too heavy and I need something lighter, but no less [...]

Chicken Curry Soup

Today, it is Freezing in Pretoria. Absolutely toe-numbing, teeth chattering freezing. And the only thing I want to do is jump back under the covers with a bowl of this soup…even though [...]

Chicken braised in white wine & cream

As you would have probably assumed with yesterday’s post, I am currently on a bit of a mission to re-vamp old recipes and in this process, I’m discovering all the recipes that my mom [...]

Chilli-Chicken Meatballs

Last week, in an attempt to use up some chicken sausage in my freezer, I made these meatballs because I was so completely out of ideas. It turns out that they were insanely good and even got a [...]

Creamy Dijon Chicken

As a , I feel that I have a duty to make sure the recipes I post on this site are not just of good quality but also appealing and interesting. Now, there are some recipes that are so gosh-darn [...]