Cinnamon sugar doughnut holes with chocolate espresso ganache

I feel it only necessary to balance out the ridiculously healthy Chinese chicken salad from last week with something so indulgent and icious, you won’t be judged for licking your screen. As [...]

Pancakes (crêpes) with Cinnamon Sugar

As a born-and-bred Afrikaans girl, Pancakes with Cinnamon Sugar is engrained into almost every child-hood memory I have of rainy days. My mom firmly believed that pancakes were to be made to [...]

Churros with Chocolate dipping sauce

Even though I posted last week, I consider this my official comeback into the blogging world. I’ve really missed it so much and what better way to make said comeback than with Churros. Yet [...]

Pancakes with Cinnamon Sugar

FOR AN UPDATED POST, CLICK HERE Recently, I’ve been on a real quest to co as proudly South African as I can. It wasn’t actually a conscious decision, just something that kind of [...]