Creamy Dijon Chicken

As a , I feel that I have a duty to make sure the recipes I post on this site are not just of good quality but also appealing and interesting. Now, there are some recipes that are so gosh-darn [...]

Spaghetti with Lemon & Parmesan

Even though last night was “Valentine’s Night” and so many couples were off doing romantic things that I’m sure only really happen in the movies, I was so not in the mood [...]

Creamy Chicken & Potato Curry

It seems like winter is finally on his way out of Gauteng. Even though I am incredibly excited to start making salads and REALLY excited to have sweet watermelon in the house, I got a bit [...]

Pan fried Chicken with Dirty Rice

I’ve got a fascination with American Food. Not burgers, fries and deep fried butter (yes, such a thing does exist). No, I’m interested in the real cuisine of America. Long before [...]

Budget-friendly Bacon, mushroom & spinach pasta

Now I know this doesn’t sound budget friendly AT ALL. Bacon is ridiculously expensive and mushrooms aren’t exactly the cheapest vegetable out there. But for 4, this is actually a [...]