Easy weeknight chicken curry with cucumber yoghurt and roti

You’d think as our annual summer holidays approach in SA, I would make sure I slack down with my workload but nope, I just pile it on as I go. While my kids are running around the house [...]

Coconut Vegetable curry

When you are in need of food that will warm you from the inside out without adding to your waist size, lo no further. This coconut vegetable curry is flavoursome and hearty but won’t leave [...]

Coconut Prawn Curry

When I buy a tray of fresh prawns from my local fishmonger, the excitement can be likened to that of a child at the circus. I am never left without inspiration when I co prawns and often feel [...]

Nigella’s Mughlai Chicken

When I first saw Ms. Lawson coing this recipe, I was smitten. I a good curry and when I saw that this one was very similar to my all-time favourite, Korma, I knew I would be trying it soon. Fast [...]

‘Butter Chicken’ Grilled Chicken Thighs

As you might know if you’ve reading my blog for long enough, I adore a good curry. Butter chicken is one of my favourites. But the problem with living in Pretoria is that you are almost [...]

Beef Penang Curry

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I’m having a bit of a affair with Beef shin at the moment. I can co with it day in and day out and I’m never disappointed! After making stews, soups [...]

Chicken Curry Soup

Today, it is Freezing in Pretoria. Absolutely toe-numbing, teeth chattering freezing. And the only thing I want to do is jump back under the covers with a bowl of this soup…even though [...]

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