Crème brûlée doughnuts

So here’s something you might not know about me: I am obsessed with doughnuts. I have never been able to say no to them and am often so disappointed when I am met with an oily piece of [...]

Plum frangipane tart

Everyone needs an easy, impressive and drop-dead-icious pastry recipe up their sleeve. Mine is the incredibly versatile frangipane tart which gets a different flavour added every time I make it. [...]

Raspberry Frangipane Tart

  There are few desserts/pastries that are sure to impress like a well-made Frangipane tart. I am beyond in with the subtle almond flavour the Frangipane cream filling adds. Add some tart, juicy [...]

Coffee Pudding – Café Enrista

How often does it happen that you’re planning a camping trip or a vacation to a self-catering apartment somewhere and you have to pack a million different containers for all the different food [...]

Banana Cream Pie

This is the second week that I’ve started off with a dessert recipe, but during Winter, sometimes that’s all you need. And this being my birthday week, it’s even justified. [...]

Chocolate Pudding

There are days where writing a long blog post is just not necessary. Today is one of those days. This chocolate pudding is simple, icious and satisfying and that’s all you need to know [...]

Marshmallow Fridge Tart

If you consider yourself a food purist / food snob or someone who only eats at fine dining restaurants, lo away now. Because what I’m about to share with you, might shock you. Over the last [...]

Low-Fat Choc-chilli-coconut cake

I am the type of person who believes that fattening foods shouldn’t be tampered with. I don’t like the idea of low-fat Macaroni & Cheese or Diet burgers and chips. I think there [...]