Dukkah Lamb chops

It’s been freezing in Pretoria the last few weeks and even though I’ve been coing lots of soups, stews and curries, last night I craved something light and summery. I was just tired [...]

Indian Spiced Lamb Chops with Cucumber salad

When I think of the warm aromas that spices bring to my kitchen, I feel happy. Very, very happy. There is just nothing like it. I actually cannot imagine my life without the smell of spices [...]

Caprese Lamb Stacks

Yesterday, whilst thinking about dinner, I knew I wanted to do something with Lamb. But I was so not in the mood for the regular stuff I do with it. I was after some serious inspiration but none [...]

Braai Week Part 2

So yesterday, in Braai Week Part 1, I started discussing the magnificence that is Marinading. And today I will continue with that. Now just to be clear, I have nothing against rubs etc. but [...]