Lamb Curry

Once again, I’m aware that lamb is not the cheapest cut of meat therefore a lot of people don’t buy it. But it sure is nice when you find some lamb on special and you can make [...]

Lamb Bolognese on Fettucini

I think Spaghetti Bolognese is a staple in every single household. Especially in households where both parents work full time. It’s easy, icious and most children can’t say no to a [...]

Spicy Lamb Soup

I got the idea for this from a recent 3 Talk episode. Once again, the Indian flavours just spe to me and since this week I had to make a chunky soup (after last week’s carrot & potato [...]

Port & Cherry glazed Lamb Shanks

Soft, tender and juicy Lamb…sweet and sticky Port & Cherry glaze….crisp, golden and salty potatoes… I’m sure these words could be transformed into a song. Well one that I [...]