Peanut butter Ice Cream

As I mentioned last week in the Blueberry cheesecake ice cream post, my friend Karien and I went on a little ice cream adventure together when we decided to collaborate and create a few fabulous [...]

Peanut butter swirl Banana bread

When I still had a stall at the Hazel Food Market in Pretoria, I sold these banana loaves and every week I would bake than the previous week, and every week I would sell out after a few hours. [...]

PB&J cookie sandwiches

With it being Easter holiday in SA at the moment, I’m finding it hard keeping the twins busy. When they’re not watching movies or playing outside, they’re under my feet and are [...]

Peanut butter-Chip Cupcakes

This week is well and truly turning into Cupcake Week here on Simply icious. But for some reason I don’t think too many people will mind. I think a cupcake is one of those things that most [...]