Steak with Gorgonzola sauce

Some days, food is the only thing that  can make me happy. Seriously! The kids drive me insane, my husband irritates me, the domestic frustrates me… you get the picture. It also happens to [...]

Beer battered Fish & Chips

Even though fish & chips is such an easy and common meal, I’ve never made it myself. I’m a slight bit intimidated by deep frying things. I’m always scared the food [...]

Creamy Chicken & Potato Curry

It seems like winter is finally on his way out of Gauteng. Even though I am incredibly excited to start making salads and REALLY excited to have sweet watermelon in the house, I got a bit [...]

Chicken, potato and tomato tray bake

I saw Jamie Oliver coing this in his “Jamie at Home’ series and really liked the sound of it. Uncomplicated, icious and easy food. Chicken is such a staple in our home and we eat it [...]

Potato & Cheese Pie

Yet another Carb-loaded dish. There’s not a single thing I can think of that’s better on a cold winter’s day than loads of warm and comforting carbs. Add some cheese and cream [...]

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