Fried Rice with Beef

I have had such an incredibly lazy week, cooking wise. Usually at least once a week I try to make something that requires at least a little bit of brain power, but this week I did the bare [...]

Chicken Biryani

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, I love India. I’ve never actually been there but my mind has been taken away on a Turmeric flavoured cloud many times in my [...]

Chicken & Apricot Pilaf

After all the excitement of this weekend and the SA BLOG AWARDS, it feels like I should be doing a lot more than just sharing my recipe for Pilaf with you. But after all, that’s why you [...]

Pan fried Chicken with Dirty Rice

I’ve got a fascination with American Food. Not burgers, fries and deep fried butter (yes, such a thing does exist). No, I’m interested in the real cuisine of America. Long before [...]

Lamb Curry

Once again, I’m aware that lamb is not the cheapest cut of meat therefore a lot of people don’t buy it. But it sure is nice when you find some lamb on special and you can make [...]

Short rib Bourguignon

I think most of us know what Boeuf Bourguignon is by now…especially if you’ve watched Julie&Julia. Julie Powell could not stop raving about her childhood memories of her mother cooking [...]