Roast chicken melts with jalapeño mayo and salsa

We’re in! For the last MONTH (!!), all we’ve done is paint, sand, re-paint and decorate our new home. And for a while I was super certain that we would finish everything on time. [...]

Vegetable-loaded pizza quesidillas

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that with these quesidillas you get the flavours of pizza inside a quesidilla (my best!) with all the goodness of vegetables all in one. Can I get a [...]

Easy grilled Mexican chicken with pico de gallo

No but really now. This heat. You guys, it’s been so darn hot in Pretoria (and most of South Africa, in fact) this last week. I’m talking about it reaching 20°c (68°f)  by 7am and by [...]

Cheesy Corn Cakes with Spicy Avocado Salsa

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to convey exactly how much I really a specific dish. This is a prime example of that. Therefore, I’ll only tell you that these little corn cakes [...]

Mexican Burgers

My for a good burger is unlike the I have for other food. I don’t know why this is so but I constantly revert to this icious classic when I am out of ideas. Who doesn’t like a good, [...]