Potato & Leek Soup

It’s quite unusual for me to post two similar recipe, two days in a row. But I couldn’t resist posting this ish recipe for Potato & leek soup today. I think most people have [...]

Spicy Lamb Soup

I got the idea for this from a recent 3 Talk episode. Once again, the Indian flavours just spe to me and since this week I had to make a chunky soup (after last week’s carrot & potato [...]

Spiced carrot & potato soup

As soup is a regular feature on our weekly menu’s, I find I struggle sometimes to come up with new ideas. Not that my favourites aren’t good enough, I just like trying new things. I [...]

Spicy Chorizo & Bean soup

Bean Soup. That really doesn’t appeal to me. It sounds brown, thick and kind of drain-water-ish. But add the words spicy and chorizo, and you’ve got a winner. My dad has been asking [...]

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