Marinated cherry tomatoes with whipped ricotta on Sourdough

  I saw someone doing marinated tomatoes on tv not so long ago and for the life of me, I can’t remember who it was. I can’t even remember on which channel it was which makes me [...]

Home-made Marinara Sauce

As you might recall from my Cheesy Meatballs post, I have an intense desire to be like a real Italian Mama one day. I want my children to adore me like Italian children adore their mothers and I [...]

Tomato Braised Lamb Shanks on Polenta

Now, it might not be ‘comfort food’ season in South Africa but it certainly is in the Northern Hemisphere. And quite honestly, yesterday I needed comfort food. It was one of THOSE [...]

Chicken, potato and tomato tray bake

I saw Jamie Oliver coing this in his “Jamie at Home’ series and really liked the sound of it. Uncomplicated, icious and easy food. Chicken is such a staple in our home and we eat it [...]

Lamb Curry

Once again, I’m aware that lamb is not the cheapest cut of meat therefore a lot of people don’t buy it. But it sure is nice when you find some lamb on special and you can make [...]

Roasted Roots Risotto

Roasted Roots Risotto. Don’t you just the sound of that? Alliteration at it’s best I tell you! Of course, this is yet another recipe to add to “Ally’s Love Affair with [...]