Mexican chicken soup with charred baby corn

Ok disclaimer time: This soup is probably not at all Mexican but listen, adding all those icious spices and then topping it with avocado made it taste quite a lot like icious chicken tacos in [...]

Quick and easy vegetable fried rice

Remember when I told you we went from winter to scorching hot summer in a matter of days here in South Africa? Well, that still hasn’t changed. It’s so hot that I am dreading [...]

Vegetable Burrito Bowls

There is something really great about having kids that vegetables. And yes, I know so many of you are saying “Oh shut UP!” because your kids hate vegetables and the struggle is real, [...]

Vegetable-loaded pizza quesidillas

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that with these quesidillas you get the flavours of pizza inside a quesidilla (my best!) with all the goodness of vegetables all in one. Can I get a [...]

Coconut Vegetable curry

When you are in need of food that will warm you from the inside out without adding to your waist size, lo no further. This coconut vegetable curry is flavoursome and hearty but won’t leave [...]

Vegetable loaded Sloppy Joe’s

Yet again, my obsession with America and it’s food got the better of me last night and I just had to make Sloppy Joe’s. I’ll never forget once watching Adam Sandler’s [...]