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Taste & Tweet : Adoro Mourvèdre Launch

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I was recently invited to a Taste & Tweet event to launch a new Adoro product. All I knew was that this new wine was especially made for cheese. Now, in the last couple of months, I have read numerous articles about people saying that cheese and wine aren’t really a good match because…well actually, I can’t even remember what the reasons were. You see, I’m not a wine – lover. Yes, ok, throw me with whatever is in your reach. I know, I know, how can such a foodie not love wine right? The thing is that I don’t HATE wine, I just prefer water, coke, tonic water, Margarita’s, cosmos… you get the idea. I do drink wine, if there’s nothing else to drink. And I really, REALLY really like the idea of wine. I like the idea of being able to enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner, but the truth is that when I drink wine, I get drunk SO fast, that before I even get a chance to put a fork-full of food in my mouth, I am completely smashed. And for a devout foodie like me, that’s no fun! Also, I like sweet wine…yes, again, throw me with whatever you want. I like sweet wine to be REALLY sweet, like desert wine! Yes, I said it! So for this reason, I stay away from wines.

So when I got the invite to this, I was very scared that I would look like the biggest idiot on planet because I know nothing about wine. But the silver lining was that we would be eating cheese…and I know a lot about cheese! I know I love it, I know I like it and I know I gotta have it everyday!

The most amazing thing was, that with this awesome wine (and it really is awesome) I didn’t need to do much talking, because I was so in awe of it’s yumminess. Adoro’s Mourvèdre is a sweet, red wine. Now, before you turn your nose up at the idea of sweet red wine, just listen. Ian Naude, the incredible wine maker, told us that before we drink the wine, he is going to tell us about it. He says people immediately make up their minds about a wine when tasting it and when you know the history and the story of the wine first, your opinion might be different. Mourvèdre was produced to complement cheese, though its off-sweet profile can be enjoyed any time. It’s an excellent alternative to port and fortified wines when paired with dessert. And everyone at the table agreed that this wine was indeed, the perfect cheese wine.

We tasted it with cheeses from La Marina foods and I immediately fell in love with the Gorgonzola, before even tasting it. It was just so creamy and rich looking. We tasted the wines with a Gouda, Camembert, Asiago and of course, the Gorgonzola. I have to be brutally honest (and I know I risk every single bit of my credibility by admitting this), even though I did indeed taste different things with every cheese, I didn’t really taste what the other’s tasted. I was sitting next to a retired wine-maker who really knows his…stuff, and across from me was a wine fundi of note. They were talking about the chalkiness of the Gouda with this wine, which I didn’t get. I just knew I didn’t like that combo. Then with the Camembert, the wine was way too mellow and it’s almost like the creaminess of the cheese coated my tongue too much to actually enjoy the wine. With the Asiago, the wine became fruitier as well as drier (if that’s even possible) and then, the Gorgonzola. The sharp, intense flavour of this gorgeous Gorgonzola was just heaven with the sweet and fragrant Mourvèdre. A match made in heaven. But many across the table really liked the Camembert and the Asiago was a favourite too.

When Ian asked me what I thought of the wine, I honestly told him that I don’t normally drink wine, especially not red wine, but that this wine, this Mourvèdre in it’s 500ml beautiful long bottle, is a wine that I would drink, regularly. And I’m not lying when I say this, I really, REALLY enjoyed this wine. It also helps that Ian is possibly the most charming and down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. I also love that he very proudly states that his 4 dogs are his board of directors. It’s clear that Ian Naude doesn’t take himself too seriously. It comes across in his calm and friendly attitude. He is a pioneer in the wine industry and even though it’s a victory on a much smaller scale, he got this, non-wine-loving foodie, to fall in love with his charm, his dogs and most importantly his wine.

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Alida Ryder
Being a general food freak has proven to be quite helpful in this career I've found myself in. Author of two cookbooks, photographer, food stylist. Mom to twins. Ex make-up and hair artist obsessed with beautiful clothes and spaces. I love a good G&T and I've been known to spend too much money on shoes.
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Showing 2 comments
  • Simone

    Ally is this wine really sweet? I would like to try a sweet red wine. I HATE bitter wine…so usually have semi sweet. I had a bad experience at the hotel on Friday when all the ‘semi sweet’ wine was really bitter and I couldnt drink any of it.

    • Ally_R

      Simone : It really is a sweet wine. I can’t stand dry/bitter wines and this was actually very pleasant!

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