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Top Baking recipes

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Cherries and chocolate

“Make sure the butter is room temperature. Not too soft, but not too firm. You want to be able to press a good dent into it with your finger. Sift the flour. You want the cake to be airy, don’t you? Beat the butter and sugar until it’s light and fluffy. No, beat a little longer. Incorporate air now and your cake will be deliciously light and fluffy. Yes, of course you can lick the bowl.”

These are all things my gran would say to me when we used to bake together. We used to bake together often and how I loved those days. I’ve told this story many times but I’ll tell it again. I used to beg my gran to bake cookies. Not one batch, no, multiple batches. We would mix away, press out the cookies and get the first few trays into the oven. The moment that oven bell pinged, I would run and grab the first tray. I’d sit on the couch, waiting for them to be cool enough and scoff the lot, leaving my darling Ouma to bake the rest. She never got upset and she let me do this many, many times.

Through her I learnt that the kitchen is a place many things can be forgiven and for that I will always be grateful. She loved cooking and she loved her family and she combined these loves and fed us in every way possible. She nourished our souls as well as our tummies and every time I bake, I think of her. This post, the one containing all my favourite baking recipes is dedicated to my Ouma Alida. I am so honoured that I have your name and I thank you for showing me that cooking for someone is one of the most sincere ways of showing you love them.

Apple crumble bars

Apple crumble bars with salted caramel

Tres leches cake

Tres leches cake

Oat cookie sandwiches

Oat cookie sandwiches with spiced cream filling

Peanut butter Chocolate cake

Chocolate peanut butter cake

Passion fruit & white chocolate cake

Passion fruit loaf with white chocolate glaze

Sweet potato cake

Spiced sweet potato cake with maple butter cream and Chantilly cream filling

peanut butter swirl banana bread

Peanut butter swirl banana bread

baked doughnut muffins

Baked doughnut muffins with blueberry jam

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Showing 6 comments
  • Alida Ryder

    You must!

  • Pang

    What a wonderful writing for your “gran,” Alida. It’s so nice to hear about your happy childhood 🙂
    And all these recipes (OMG!!!), I really need to contain myself not to make all of them in 1 weeks!!!!

    • Alida Ryder

      Thank you dear Pang! Make them all and then send me the pictures! 😉

  • Colleen Grove

    What a special post and a wonderful tribute to your Ouma Alida. She would be incredibly proud of you of that I am sure! xx

  • Simone Cameron

    So much yumminess on a Morning! Have to try the oat cookies and the peanut butter banana cake once the diet allows it…he he

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