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Win a R1000 Yuppiechef voucher with TUC Biscuits

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Win a R1000 Yuppiechef voucher by telling me what your favourite #TUCTime moment is!

TUC biscuits

Lunchtime (as well as packing lunchboxes) is one of my most loathed times of the day. Breakfast is fine because we have a set list of options the kids can choose from and dinners are equally painless, but lunchtime? Good grief, I hate it. I don’t want my kids to eat sandwiches every day but with the rush of getting home, doing homework and racing to after school activities, I just don’t always have the time to knock together salads, etc. That’s why I whip up easy snack platters more often than I’d like to admit. They literally take no more than 5 minutes to put together, the kids love the variety and they can snack as we do homework. It’s pretty much a win on all levels.

TUC biscuits, the iconic, much-loved snack biscuit, has recently launched their new lower-sodium biscuits in the classic Original and Cheese flavours and they’ve added Sour Cream and Onion to spice things up a bit. We have always been big fans of the Original and Cheese flavours but my kids have been obsessed with the new flavour and can gobble up many biscuits in one setting (I seriously have to limit them because they’ll eat the entire pack!) Our #TUCTime moment is definitely busy, rushed lunches where TUC biscuits come to the rescue.

TO WIN a R1000 Yuppiechef voucher, all you have to do is tell me in the comments below when your #TUCTime moment is, share this post on social media and follow Simply Delicious on Facebook.  Remember to tag me in your Twitter/FB posts so I can keep track of the entries. Facebook: Simply Delicious / Twitter: @SimplyDelishSAGiveaway ends Monday 8 August 2016 and entries are open to South African residents only. 

TUC biscuitsThis post was sponsored by TUC Biscuits. All words, images and opinions are my own. 

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Showing 22 comments
  • Peter

    My favourite TUC time is when I unexpectedly find that unmistakeable yellow and blue wrapper packed in the lunch box (or in the treat cupboard when you are looking for a snack).
    It always takes me back to school outings or Scout hikes where TUC biscuits would be packed, it would always be a challenge to keep them for as long as possible.

  • Shani

    My fav tuc time moments are when i am sitting in traffic and whip out these little bites of deliciousness while listening to good music as i wait to get home after a long day!

  • Olivia Williams

    At about 12:30 am at work… time to just take a timeout until home time…

  • Samantha

    My #TucTime moment is usually in the afternoon at work between 3-4pm when the afternoon slump hits. I grab a few biscuits, head to the couch area for a little biscuit and me time before hitting work again 🙂 Have tweeted as samiolawrites.

  • Jeanette

    My fave TUC time would be after work with blue cheese and a glass of wine, sitting in my garden, before the supper rush starts.

  • Monique Leendertz-Lang

    My #TUCtime moment is when I pick the twins up. It is enjoyed by the whole fam in the car on the way home either plain or with some melrose cheese wedges.

  • Janet

    Hmmmm my favourite #TUCTime is when the children are busy doing an activity and I enjoy a Tuc while watching them – that way I can have more than when the children are with me hee hee !!! 😉

  • Vickie Gibson

    My favourite #TUCTime moment is as a tasty snack when I get home at the end of a long day. Delicious with a slice of cheddar and a bit of chutney 🙂

  • Monique Else

    My #TUCtime moment is normally late at night after some gaming or a night out. Tuc biscuits with some cheese and some pickled onions. Great snack

  • wendy meijer

    Tuc with avo, smoked chicken and sweet chilli sauce #tucmoments are anytime! Midnight snacking too!

  • Wikus

    TUC biscuits, wow, there’s a blast from rhe past. Remember the lunchbox to school consisted of my mom religiously packing the small TUC packets along with my melrose cheese wedges and my packet of sugared dried fruits.

  • Barbara K

    My favourite #TUCTime moment is normally around 15h00 in the afternoon when my energy levels are dipping. Nothing beats TUC biscuits and cheese for me. Or a splash of Marmite and Cheese – goes down a real treat! Its such a quick and easy snack to eat at your desk whilst working. I even get all emotional when I find a broken TUC biscuit in the packet! Lol!

  • Sabihah Bhyat

    @SimplyDelishSA, Tuc biscuits with a generous spread of butter is the best!! Simple but delicious;) Together with a cup of tea and my mum’s company, even better! Tuc has always a favourite at my mum’s home:)

  • Megan Hartwig

    My ideal #TUCTime is early in the morning. I’m the first to get into work, so I enjoy a quiet cup of tea & #TUC to start my day.

  • Judy Padayachee

    My favorite #TUCTime moment is when I’m watching TV and feel for a snack I reach for Tuc put some butter, sliced cheese, lettuce, salad tomato, sprinkle of salt and pepper. Simply delicious just thinking about it makes my mouth water 🙂

  • Renuka Lallbahadur

    @SimplyDelishSA #TUCTime moment when I have guests over I serve them with roasted tomatoe;feta and pesto.All enjoyed with red wine offcourse. Tweeted @lallbahadur

  • Chante August

    My favorite #TUCTime moment is getting a week moment to myself, with my feet up, smearing a huge dollop of butter and enjoy the trip of bliss upon my first #TUC bite, it instantly takes all my cares away and I’m just in my zone of happiness, my anytime feel good snack, for an any kind of day ?????? no thing beats the taste of TUC ?????

  • JoJo

    My #TUCTime moment is on a Sunday evening on the couch in front of the TV when I feel like something tasty to eat but can’t be bothered to cook. TUC biscuits and cheese to the rescue!

  • Beverley Ann Swanepoel

    My best #TUCTime moment is when we have unexpected guests arriving on our doorstep and I need to quickly whip up a few snacks. Tuc’s are delicious with almost anything but I love to use Lancewood Cream or Cottage Cheese, topped with bacon bits, gherkins or even a bit of drained beetroot on top, or just the cheeses drizzled with a bit of sweet chilli sauce and voila you have some delicious snacks ready ?

  • Jacolene

    I like having Tuc biscuits when in need of comfort food or when i am really in the mood for snacking. Tuc biscuits with cream cheese or mussels are the absolute best! It is amazing for late afternoon or even after that very early dinner 🙂

  • Simone

    I didn’t know about the lower sodium option! That’s great. I personally eat them dry, otherwise I love a good sprinkling of cheddar and a drop of tabasco.

    • Simone

      Ooh I see I am confused…when my fave moment is….. has to be in the evening, once the kids are in bed and I’m about to watch 13 minutes of a series show before I pass out…..crumbs all around me. lol. #TUCTime

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