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FHE July 2013 Cover

For the July issue of Food & Home Entertaining, I did a delectable, gooey, sticky Winter pudding spread. Do go out and get a copy, besides my feature, you’ll be inspired by food editor, Leila Saffarian’s stunning Mexican feature as well as an entire story on the beauty of fennel (and many more, of course).

Steamed apple & salted caramel puddings

Melkkos with Burnt Caramel

Chocolate brownie pudding

The pudding recipes you’ll find in the July issue:

  • Melkkos with burnt caramel sauce
  • Boozy Fig & Honey pudding
  • Chocolate brownie pudding
  • Malva pudding with Amarula syrup
  • Warm upside-down banana cake
  • Steamed apple & salted caramel puddings


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