Risotto Balls.

When I first saw this idea, I couldn’t understand why anybody would go through all the trouble to make risotto and then let it cool, cover it with crumbs and fry it. What a schlep! But then [...]

Coconut Cupcakes

This is the perfect treat for such a grey, dreary morning. Sweet and comforting with just a hint of Island flavour to remind you of days spent on the beach. They are very easy to make and the end [...]

Curried Chicken Bake.

This is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever cooked. Short of making toast that is… The quantities aren’t specific, I like to add as much or as little of each spice as I feel [...]

Rooibos Tea Cupcakes

This really is the cutest thing to serve with tea…the cupcakes ARE the tea 🙂 The flavour of Rooibos in these cupcakes is definitely noticeable but not so much that you get sick of it after [...]

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