Potato & Leek Soup

It’s quite unusual for me to post two similar recipe, two days in a row. But I couldn’t resist posting this delish recipe for Potato & leek soup today. I think most people have [...]

Birthday Feast, Part 3

And now, in the last of the birthday feast installments, I’m sharing the recipe for the gorgeous Coconut Cake with you. Although, it’s not much of a recipe because I committed one of [...]

Birthday Feast, Part 2

Today I’ll be sharing the recipes for the desserts we had at my Birthday Feast. Now I know that Chocolate Mousse is not a traditional Indian dessert but I’ve been wanting to make a [...]

Birthday Feast, Part 1

So 2 days after the massive Indian themed birthday feast, and I’m still tired. But I could not have had a better birthday. The curry night went so incredibly well and my family and friends [...]

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