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I don’t know if it’s always like this, but all of a sudden it feels like there are a ton of new cookbooks coming out. Maybe because I am awaiting the release of my own cookbook (Simple & Delicious: Recipes From The Heart) in a couple of weeks time but it feels like every second day I’m getting a new press release about a new fabulous cookbook being released. Three of those cookbooks were written by friends of mine and I could not be prouder to be sharing this space with them.

Drizzle and Dip

Drizzle and Dip by my good friend Samantha Linsell is beautiful, light and fresh and packed with stunning recipes. Based on her blog of the same name, the book is broken up into Morning, Noon and Night and features recipes like Decadent Breakfast Oats, Salad Nachos and Moroccan meatballs with herby couscous. Sam did the styling and photography of all the recipes herself and I love how casual and beautiful every photograph is. This book is Sam personified in my opinion: lovely, zesty and full of personality.


Taking It Easy

Taking it Easy was written by the first ‘big deal’ blogger I had ever heard of. A man named Andy Fenner who is very well-known for his blogging pseudonym, Jamie Who? The first time I met Andy I was completely intimidated by his incredible knowledge of food and the fact that he was, quite clearly, one of the coolest people around. In Taking It Easy, Andy focuses on 20 of his favourite SA chefs and what they cook at home when they entertain. And what a list of chefs it is! Everyone from Reuben Riffel to Margot Jansen is featured in this beautifully photographed book.


Scrumptious by Über-blogger Jane-Anne Hobbs is everything you would expect from the lady herself. Clean, white tables, beautifully set with fine silver and hand-made crockery, all topped with the most delicious food. Over 90 recipes fill this book and everything from the Happy Piglets with Whipped Mustard sauce to the Lemon curd Mousse looks mouth-watering and delectable.

Like I said, I could not be prouder to be sharing this space as well as the Book shop shelves with them and I am so excited to be able to call myself a Cookbook Author in these exciting times. Remember to check back during this week to see my “behind-the-scenes” posts from my cookbook planning/shooting.

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  • Jane-Anne Hobbs

    Thank you so much for this Alida! I feel very honoured to be rubbing sleeves (ha ha|) with such talented SA bloggers. Lovely pix too. x

  • Sam

    Thanks for the mention Ally, I am also so happy to be on the shelf with you :-. I cannot wait to see your book.
    Sam x

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