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Nobu at One&Only CT

Nobu. Just the sound of it is intriguing. Telling people that you’re going to Nobu for dinner is usually met with jealous looks and a few under-the-breathe mutterings of hatred. So you can imagine my excitement when I was told we would be having dinner at the incredible Nobu. If you don’t know what Nobu is, let me fill you in. Nobu is the most successful fine-dining franchise in the world (in my opinion) and everyone who is anyone as eaten at Nobu. If you’ve ever watched the E! entertainment channel, you’ve probably heard Madonna, P Diddy or Justin Timberlake saying they’ve had a meal there. Madonna was even quoted saying “You can tell how much fun a city will be if Nobu has a restaurant in it.” I mean, Robert de Niro is one of the partners in the New York Nobu. Seriously!

Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

The brainchild of chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Nobu is just a dream come true for me. They have brilliantly taken Japanese food and given it a strong South American influence which for me, equals perfection. I love the fresh (and I mean FRESH) ingredients paired with zesty dressings and spicy flavours. Everything I ate (which was a lot because the team at the One & Only are incredibly generous) was incredible. Almost every dish had a beautiful dressing/sauce to accompany it and even though everything was fresh and light, there was nothing simple or boring about these flavours.

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Winter menu

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Winter menu yellowtail

Earlier this year, the MD of the One & Only Cape Town, Clive Bennett, said that their main focus this year would be to entice the local market to come experience the resort. With that in mind, Nobu is running an amazing Winter special. They have developed three different menu’s, all 5 courses for only R299. I can tell you now that in my opinion, this is really quite something. I really think that eating at Nobu is one of those things everyone should experience once in their lifetime. So even if you have to do this for a special occasion, go for it! You will not be disappointed. And if I can give you a tip, if you will be going with a partner, make sure you order two different menu’s so that you can have a taste of a bigger range of the food. Below, I’ve given all three menu’s for you to browse through but I have to give special mention to my absolute favourites.

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Winter menu Prawn Tempura

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Winter menu Sole with Chilli Salsa

First of all, the New Style Sashimi and Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno are two dishes I still dream about. Unlike regular sashimi, the fish is sliced very thinly (almost like carpaccio), which I really enjoyed. Of course, nothing is complete without one of their amazing dressings and this finishes it off just perfectly. The Rock Shrimp/Prawn tempura is addictive and comes with two dipping sauces. I dipped each crispy morsel into both sauces before popping them into my mouth, just thinking about it now makes my mouth water! As for the meat courses, the Beef Toban Yaki comes sizzling to your table and the flavours are so in your face whilst still being fresh, it’s almost hard to explain. Let me just say this, I’m not the biggest beef fan, but I could eat the Beef Toban Yaki all day, everyday. When the desserts were brought to the table, I felt overwhelmed. I was so full and really felt like I couldn’t eat another thing, but then I tasted the out-of-this-world Passion Fruit Brulee and I discovered my dessert stomach. Creamy, fruity and surprisingly light with little pieces of firm jelly on top for an added texture, this was one of my favourites of the night. Believe me when I tell you, you don’t want to miss the Passion Fruit Brulee.

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Winter menu Beef Toban Yaki

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Sushi Roll

Ok, I need to stop before I start drooling! I could go on and on for days about Nobu, and if you ask my husband he’ll probably say that he wishes I would stop talking about it already, but it’s very hard. This was, so far, the number one eating experience I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to get back there to do it all over again!

Nobu One&Only Cape Town - Passion Fruit Brulee

Winter Menu 1

New Style Sashimi
Prawn Tempura / Rock Shrimp Style
Beef Toban Yaki
Nobu Sushi Roll

Winter Menu 2

White Fish Tiradito
East Coast Sole with Chilli salsa
Beef sirloin with choice of sauces
Nobu Sushi Roll

Winter Menu 3

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno
Sake Roast White Fish with Nobu garlic butter
Wing Rib Anti Cucho Miso
Nobu Sushi Roll

Choice of Desserts

Chocolate Bento Box
Passion Fruit Brulee
Nobu Style Malva Pudding

For more information, visit Nobu’s website.

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  • Michael

    Okay, now I look like Shrek I’m so green with envy! I’ve been dying to try good Japanese food – I’ll have to save up and get there soon.

  • Sam

    Awesome stuff! I have spoken to people who have eaten at Nobu’s in other cities and Cape Town is right up there. Certianly in terms of value. You would never be able to eat 5 courses for 30 dollars anywhere else in the world. I cant wait to go, but now how on earth will I choose.

  • Leaine's Kitchen

    Ok, ok… you’ve convinced me – I am sooooo going to Nobu!! 🙂 My mouth is watering at these delectable looking dishes. Yum!!!

  • Karen

    *jealous look*

    man I’ve got to try Nobu

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