Sticky Asian Lamb Riblets

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Sticky Asian Lamb Riblets

The thing I love most about eating ribs (any ribs) is how your hands are left sticky and how you are forced to lick your fingers afterwards. My mom would be mortified that I’m advocating finger-licking but gosh, who could blame me?

Sticky Asian Lamb Riblets

These riblets are incredibly easy to throw together and don’t require any marinating. They are great on the braai but I prefer making them in the oven and allowing them to cook under the grill for about 30-45 minutes until the fat has rendered out. It’s important to turn them often (as the marinade will burn easily) and continuously baste them so the marinade becomes sticky and gooey. I served the riblets with chips/french fries (as if a sticky marinade wasn’t unhealthy enough) and a green salad with a sharp and zesty dressing to cut through all the richness.

Serves 4

1kg lamb riblets
1/2 cup brown sugar (I used demerara sugar)
1/2 cup light soy sauce
1/2 cup dark soy sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 cup tomato sauce (ketchup)
1 star anise
2 slices fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves
1 red chilli, roughly chopped

  1. Pre-heat the oven and grill to 200°c.
  2.  Combine all the ingredients for the marinade in a small saucepan and allow to simmer for 10 minutes until it’s reduced slightly.
  3. Place the lamb riblets on a roasting rack over a roasting tray and brush liberally with the marinade.
  4. Place the riblets in the oven and allow to cook for 30-45 minutes, turning every 7-10 minutes and brushing with the marinade everytime you turn them.
  5. When the riblets are cooked, serve them with chips/potato wedges and salad.
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Showing 6 comments
  • anam

    hey! im trying this now, about to put it in the oven.. fingers crossed!
    do you have a recipe for the salad?

    • Alida Ryder

      I hope you like them! I just cut up a whole lot of green vegetables and toss them in a lemon vinaigrette, easy peasy.

  • Julie Carter

    Shew, looks super, sticky and delicious! Love the basting.

    • Ally_R

      Thanks Julie! They really are just delicious!

  • Tessa

    Thank you for delicious recipes

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