Rocky road brownies

 Rich, fudgy brownies topped with silky chocolate ganache, mini marshmallows, cherries and pecans. Who could say no to one of these rocky road brownies?! You guys, we’re officially in [...]

Christmas Cookies

  There are few holidays that make people go as food crazy as Christmas. Just have a look at Pinterest to see that people are going Christmas crazy. I, for one, am delighted. I am most definitely [...]

Chocolate Florentines

When I was a teenager, my mom would often keep me at home from school so we could spend the day together (she was that awesome). Once or twice a term she would wake me with the biggest smile and [...]

PB&J cookie sandwiches

With it being Easter holiday in SA at the moment, I’m finding it hard keeping the twins busy. When they’re not watching movies or playing outside, they’re under my feet and are [...]

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