Tuna Rice Salad & Antony Worral Thompson Low GI Book Competition

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First of all, I’d like to congratulate Kiara Rossouw for winning Justin Bonello’s, Cooked Weekends Away. The book is on it’s way Kiara!

If you didn’t win last week, don’t despair. This week we are giving away Antony Worrall Thompson’s GI Diet, thanx to Penguin Publishers. This really is a great book to have if you’re looking at eating healthier but not sure where to start. The book discusses the Low GI Diet in depths and gives a detailed list of low, medium and high GI foods. It also gives you loads of tips on how to make ordinary dishes low gi etc.The Recipes range from fabulous breakfast ideas like Egg white omelette with asparagus and herbs and fruited tea bread to great soups, salads, sandwiches and yummy mains like Grilled Mackerel with Chilli and Horseradish and Fillet Steak with Salsa Verde. And there are even desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just scanning through this book has given me some new inspiration and I’m dedicated to making our meals healthier from now on.

And I started with this meal. The first thing I noticed in this book is that Jasmine Rice, my old favourite, is a High GI ingredient. I was absolutely gutted because I absolutely adore Jasmine Rice but then I also saw that Basmati Rice isΒ  medium GI ingredient so the swop isn’t THAT bad. I’ll still get the stickiness and fragrance from Basmati but it will just be so much healthier. Antony Worral Thompson also discusses how adding low gi ingredients will lower the GI content of the dish as a whole. Peas, sweetcorn and beans are all good additions to most dishes.You could also leave out the tuna and serve this as a side dish for meat / chicken.

This recipe is a fab way of using up left over rice as you just chuck in anything you want really. I also made my own mayo for the first time and I have to confess something. I always used to think people who make their own mayo are uptight and pretentious. I mean, you get perfectly good mayo at the shops and it doesn’t take you 30 minutes to get it. All that whisking and beating is just too much schlep for me. But then when I got my food processor, I found a plethora of “Easy Mayo” recipes using a food processor. So before making this salad I thought I’d give it a go…and the verdict? I will NEVER buy Mayo again. I’m serious. Not only did it taste divine, but I knew the oil I used was good and I used fresh lemon juice, free range eggs and good Dijon mustard. I still want to tweak the flavours slightly as it was quite tangy (which I like) but I can’t wait to start adding other ingredients like garlic, herbs and spices. I’ll share the recipe soon, I promise!

For this week’s competition, you have to guess the ingredient in the picture. There will be 3 pictures over the next 3 days, guess the ingredients and send them all to me in one e-mail to [email protected] on Thursday. I am trying to make it trickier because you lot are all WAY too clever, or you just copy and paste in Google… *wink*

Guess the ingredient :

Serves 6

5 cups cooked Basmati rice, cooled
500g tinned tuna, drained
1 cup peas, cooked
1 cup sweetcorn, cooked
1/2 large cucumber, chopped
3 rounds Feta cheese, chopped/crumbled
handful Italian Parsley, chopped

1 cup mayo
1/2 cup fat free plain yoghurt
squeeze of lemon juice
1tsp paprika
salt & pepper to taste
crushed chillies (optional)

  • Combine all the salad ingredients and mix well.
  • Combine the dressing ingredients, mix and pour over the salad.
  • Mix well and serve.

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Showing 9 comments
  • Kiki

    Ooooh this looks so yummy! I always make a tuna pasta salad and I was a bit bored with it so you have given me such a wonderful idea to make a change and it is healthy!
    Do you think avo would make a nice addition or ruin it?

    Cant wait to get the book – thank you so much πŸ™‚

    • Ally_R

      Nina: He always seems like such a funny guy on his shows. πŸ™‚

      Kiki: I think Avo could work but then you can’t mix it too much or it will just break up and go too mushy. Maybe just add some slices over the top?

  • Simone

    This is an interesting dish. I am into low gi recipes now, so will save this one.

  • Rosemary

    This is a wonderful recipe – great for Meatless Monday. Looking forward to the next entries!

  • Koek!

    Mmmm, delicious-looking summer supper idea. Yum.

    • Ally_R

      Robyn : It’s the perfect summer supper. Very simple but still delish.

      Simone : You really should try this. It’s very filling and very yum!

  • Kim

    Love it!!

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