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In South Africa, Woolworths is known as a provider of excellent quality products. Be it clothing, decor or (my personal favourite) food. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am possibly their biggest fan and it’s for the simple reason that their quality is consistently tops. Also, if you’ve ever seen a Woolworths commercial (especially the food ones), you’ll know they are incredible gorgeous. “Food Porn” is an understatement. The styling, camera work, editing, all gorgeous. I’ve often felt like abandoning whatever plans I had for dinner so that I could eat whatever they were advertising.

So when Woolies contacted me last week about their new TV ad campaign showing their Good Business Journey, I was delighted. More beautiful ads. Joy! But then I read the press release and I watched the ads and I realised it was about so much more. So many retailers are trying to tell you how ethical they are and how environmentally friendly their products are but few are willing to show you. This is where Woolworths has been incredibly innovative. They’ve made good use of GoPro action cameras by giving them to the farmers, farm workers, fishermen and baristas who grow, produce, catch, roast and make the food they sell. This gives consumers a unique insight into the journey of Woolworths responsibly produced food from farm to plate.


The TV campaign is supported on their website, at, with a snapshot of ‘The Making of…’ providing insights into the GoPro production, settings and people who filmed the commercials, as well as a collection of mini-documentaries featuring some of their ‘local heroes’ who are part of the Woolworths Good Business Journey. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a fab idea and a wonderful campaign.

To celebrate this, Woolworths is giving away 2x R500 gift cards to Simply Delicious readers. To stand a chance of winning, simply comment below and share this post on Facebook/Twitter.  Giveaway will run from Monday 7 October 2013 – Friday 11 October 2013. Winners will be notified by E-mail on Monday 14 October 2013. Giveaway open to SA residents only. 

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  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    Woolworths for the win ! 🙂

  • Marissa

    Wow great innovative thinking by WOOLIES. What a great idea. I am definitely going to spread the word about this and am looking forward to viewing more videos. I simply love WOOLIES food and clothes. Exceptional quality. Very excited about what WOOLIES will have in store for consumers going forward if this much thought and innovation goes into an ad campaign. YAY WOOLIES.

  • Vhutali

    awesome what woolworths does. always forward thinking and sensible.

  • Marissa

    That’s fantastic. Very innovative thinking by Woolies. Am a big fan of the clothes and food! Always exceptional quality. Looking forward to viewing more video clips in the future… exciting times ahead if this much thought went into their ad campaign. Cant wait to see what Woolies has in store for consumers going forward. I am definitely going to spread the word about this great new campaign. Yay WOOLIES!

  • Nicolette

    The pride & effort that Woolworths put into their products is surely amazing. Always the best quality & great tasting food. So grateful for the 24hr Woolworths food court close to our house – first option for late night snacking 🙂 Keep up the good work Woolies <3

  • Theola Ernest

    I’m moving into my first home in a few weeks and what a way to start with some shopping at my fave – WOOLIES 🙂

  • Brad Flynn

    Woolies! #Quality #Winning #Service #Fresh #DailyShop

  • Karin Van Niekerk Behrens

    Absolutely love that Woolworths has stood the taste of time. My moher used to buy from them and nothing has changed for almost 50 years. In fact, it only got better. MY favourite store for quality products and produce.

  • Gary Laight

    Another great initiative from Woolies! I don’t know where we shopped before they opened a store in our little coastal town.

  • Naziah

    Woolworths NEVER lets you down. No matter what you purchase you always win with them. Woolies is the best shop ever ?

  • Greg

    Woooooollllllllliiies!!!! I love you!! I’m even getting a woolworths tattoo!!

  • Cynderella

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter 😛

  • Cynderella

    Woolworths does it again. Proving simply why they are the superior brand in SA.

  • Marc Hummel

    Nothing like Kosher Woolworths products. Thank you

  • Angelique Espin

    Love Woolworths food for their interesting range and wonderful quality. Will rather go out of my way and buy my vegetables at the W store, as I know the quality is good and the shelf life is better

  • Shaheeda

    Woolies is my favourite shop whether its clothes or food. I just love the atmosphere when I walk into a store

  • fatima

    superb concept, i love the way Woolworths makes me feel. Be it the store, the ad or even on social networks. Its eye catching quality, trendy and heart warming concepts. This ad is such an eye opener, shows me that alot more goes on before I buy veg from Woolies, it makes me look at the bigger picture!

  • RehanaSeedat.5

    shared & tweeted @rehanaseedat my email: [email protected]

  • RehanaSeedat.5

    Shared and tweeted @rehanaseedat

  • ciara hendricks

    fantastic ad, quality products. that just sums up the woolworths brand! innovative, creative, refreshing, unique and ALL things i love!!! GO WOOLIES !!!!

  • Elmari

    Well done Woolworths!!!

  • NicoG

    Woolworths, how do we see you? As the purveyor of the freshest, tastiest foods. The champion of the weak and the poor. The leader in ethical farming, taking care of the producer as well as the product and the planet. Yet at the same time as all this ensuring that your prices remain reasonable. In fact, when comparing prices and taking into account, freshness, shelf-life and flavour, you are by far the better choice!!

  • Simone

    Great competition! Tweeted @simoneassur

  • Heide

    would love to win this Woolies voucher – thinking of lovely salads and dressings:)

  • CharlieBrown123

    Already thinking of the goodies I would buy.. Maybe have a little dinner party with the folks!

  • Daniela Cardoso

    I love my Woolies and will always support their great initiatives when it comes to the environment 🙂 Thanks for a great Blog post 🙂 Would love to win to spoil my Mom this Christmas with some fab gifts from Woolies before I leave KZN and head off to UCT.

  • Dudu Lunga

    Shared and tweeted

  • Dudu Lunga

    Great competition

  • Cathy Badenhorst

    Despite numerous negativity of late in the Press resulting in people shouting from the rooftops that they will not support Woolies, one thing is for sure, Woolies does not back down and they know that they are ethical, have an outstanding reputation and deliver quality products….very few big brand companies can match them. This is an awesome prize to win to buy lovely goodies in time for Christmas from my fav store 🙂

  • Andrew Titus

    Amazeballs, would love to win for my mom

  • Noel Peter

    Wow, awesome giveaway from an awesome blog

  • Babalwa Mngolozeli

    What a treat and great prize, i was always under the impression woolworths was much more expensive than other stores. i would like the chance to find out for myself <3

  • Annabel Biggar-Davids

    What a simply delicious prize……yummy yummy yummy, give me some love in my tummy 🙂

  • Wendy Leigh Hartwig

    Shared and twitted – Love Woolworths and their efforts!

  • Sarah Houtler

    This sounds fabulous!

  • Lorna Jay Dunning

    Nice to have some transparency from a company as to where my money goes. 🙂 Keep it up

  • Andrea Bodill

    I love that I can use my ‘My planet’ card at woollies and effortlessly contribute to the Animal Anti Cruelty league.

  • Candice

    Summer shopping x

  • CharlieBrown123

    Aaaaaannnnd… Shared on Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

  • Zimkay

    It would be nice to keep my Woolies card strictly for clothes this months and just spend the cash on good quality fish (salmon) and all the cheese I could grab to make delicious salads and of course wine and share with my friends and still feel good that I am buying from a company that truly cares.

  • CharlieBrown123

    I really really really want a Woolies voucher!!!

  • CharlieBrown123

    Ah, Woolies… My favourite place to shop! Plus the fact that Mr. man is a chef – he loves it too!

  • Shirley

    Done! Shared on Twitter.

  • Nizaam Darius

    Even before I watched this video, I knew this was the case. The words Woolworths and quality are synonymous. Fantastic. Keep up the great quality of your products.

  • Lou

    I love the way Woolies take genuine responsibility … Well Done to them! Hopefully we can all follow in their footsteps and try do things in our own way.

  • Ferzana

    I didnt even know coffee beans start off white! Suddenly craving a cup…

  • Nazeera Dajee

    just WOW!!!!!! the smiles on the workers/ farmers faces, the joy, the love for what they do, the passion, the fruit and veg! such an innovative ad! THIS is the reason why I buy from Woolworths!

  • Tatum

    I Would love to win this voucher so i can make the best meal for those i love! I love your blog thank you for sharing your recipes with us.

  • glen collingwood


  • Tatjanochka

    Wollies is the best as always

  • Lynn Botha

    Shared..awesome giveaway

  • The Blessed One

    LOVE all those camera people 🙂

  • Depashni Marie

    I would love to win this woolies voucher

  • Lauren Kruger

    I have shared this post on Facebook. I love visiting Woolworths, the layout of the store and the products all scream quality.

  • Meryl Reddy

    What an amazing prize 🙂

  • Fareedha Khan

    shared this fab giveaway

  • Fareedha Khan

    woolworths is my favourite convenient store, everything in that store is made with quality

  • Michelle Rademan

    mmmmmm woolies! 😉

  • Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Such an amazing prize! Shared this via Facebook and Twitter with the Twitter handle @Roxi_23

  • Yvette


  • Valerie Teresa Smit

    Woolies is totally on the forefront of responsible purchasing-from their food to their flowers, their cleaning products to beauty regimes. It’s such a relief to know I can always count on Woolworths if I just cannot source an ethical brand. They are making it so easy and convenient to be environmentally and animal friendly 🙂 Woolworths WIN!!

  • Jade

    Woolworths always does great things

  • Carla Marais

    Oooooo yay with Woolies and Simply Delicious!!

  • Becky Pepper

    I have always trusted Woolworths to give me the best quality, freshest foods available. I enjoyed seeing these videos. Good to see you working with locals.

  • M.H.

    R500?! Awesome! Maybe for once I can put anything food-wise in my trolley at Woolworths and not force myself to stick to my shopping list, so that I don’t buy everything 🙂

  • Miche

    I love this campaign – it’s a simple idea but it’s really effective. And it makes me feel validated in spending the amount of money I do on Woolworths food.

  • Claire

    What their good business journey for their Chuckles? Smashing a packet of those rights now!
    In all seriousness though, what a cool campaign idea.

  • Yvonne Wong

    I always only shop at Woolworths for virtually everything. I love the “Taste” magazine, where you have been and are a contributor, and always go to the their website. I also shop online as well and it enables us to send food and clothes to our son in Cape Town (we live in Port Elizabeth). My children also send me gifts, such as flowers etc for special occasions, from Woolworths by shopping online when they can’t be with me. Woolworths and Simply Delicious all the way!!!!!!

  • Imrah Ariefdien

    Love Woolies range of products. Always a treat browsing through their food market.

  • Kiran

    Woolworths rocks! Simply awesome fashion for guys and a great selection of food. Impeccable quality!

  • cirsten van den heuvel

    Could really do with a lovely R500 woolies gift card

  • Megsie

    Is this your birthday present to me? GREAT IDEA. Love you. 😉

  • Yusuf

    Here’s crossing my fingers hoping to win this awesome giveaway 🙂

  • Michelle

    …always a win, with Woolworths ! ?

  • Natasha Suchecki

    Yum! Woolies for the win!

  • Jessica Franks

    Cool comp. If I won, how would I pick between food or clothes???

  • Harsha Pather

    People think that shopping for food at Woolies is expensive… Their food is often of equal and sometimes cheaper value but the quality and freshness cannot even be compared. Wish I had a Woolies food store closer to home, but always pop into one when I get the chance … so would be a real treat to win!

  • Fareed Mohammed

    Pick me please!

  • nasika baijnath

    awesome compeition.

  • Linda Nicolson

    Always love Woolies’ ads for food – especially in HD! And a voucher would be super awesome too!!

  • Helen Humphris Joughin

    Love how Woolworths always uplifts people from the community and how they also greatly care for the environment! ;o)) Love Woolworths.

  • Nicole Jade

    Already dreaming up all the delicious dishes that can be made. Woolies has such great quality produce.

  • Joline Marais

    I am such a Woolies addict! Can’t leave to store without buying a some Italian Rosa Tomatoes! Absolutely love them!

  • Cindy Jacobs

    Another Inspiring Project from Woolies…Well Done! Sharing on FB and Twitter…Keep doing GOOD!

  • Lizette

    Wow! Great giveaway! Could really use one of those for year-end!

  • Rochelle Barrish

    Woolies ads always has me droooooling! It’s like food porn!
    Have shared on FB and tweeted!

  • Rentia

    What a clever idea! Woolies has been at the forefront of innovation for years! Providing quality, delicious food & raw products – including South African based produce! At this pace, they’ll continue to go from strenght to strength. Love, your second biggest fan 🙂

  • Megan

    Winning a Woolies gift card would be heaven! They have Devine treats and goodies in their food section and their clothes are to die for. I will definitely tweet it to my followers on twitter! @megspit

  • Peppa-Rae Aston Jewell

    Fantastic 🙂 Shared on facebook!

  • Krystal

    Can’t go wrong with Woolies! Great 🙂 Will tweet to share!

  • Nicole

    Awesome! I love woollies food!

  • Claire van Apeldoorn

    Wow! what an amazing giveaway! my fingers are tightly crossed!! would help my family a lot to win this! tweeted xx twitter name: @FSoobramoney

  • Jasmita

    I have tweeted & I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! If I win I will use the voucher on woolies foods simply the best quality foods you can find!!:)

  • Sarah Murray

    What a fab initiative, they really go above and beyond!

  • Sanet

    “You do something to me that nobody else can do…!” So true about Woollies…just on a different level of quality products and service.

  • Heather de Bruin

    Thank you for an awesome comp and a greener tomorrow. Love your cooking Alida 🙂
    x h

  • Candice

    And this is why I shop at Woolies – just the best! The products are fantastic, but its more than that…its quality that the brand stands for.

  • Clarise Viljoen

    This is wonderful!!! I am also one of their biggest fans. Cannot imagine a world without woolworths 🙂

  • Carryn Williamson Paikin

    What a lovely prize – you can get so many amazing foodie items at Woolworths!

  • Angeliqueca Roux

    What a wonderful project. Will tweet to share!

  • Rene Groyer

    Hi Woolies,have shared on facebook.Just love everything about your attitude towards the enviroment and to your customers.All retailers should take an example from you and follow suite.

  • Jackie Buss

    This is another reason Woolworths is one of SA’s Best. For me, the food I eat – I want to know where it comes from, I want to know my food’s journey. I think cancelling all plans to shop anywhere else is the only thing left to do. Woolworths here I come!

  • Marguerite

    Such an awesome concept and loving the smiles! Transparency’s what its all about. Well done, Woolies!

  • stay_glamorous

    its no secret that I LOVE Woolies, its not just the quality products but also the what the brand stands for! Brilliant project and even more the concept of caring!!! shared on twitter @stay_glamorous , facebook Ayesha Kola ( [email protected] )

  • anisha_singh

    Wow! What an awesome initiative by Woolworths! I always have trusted Woolies when it comes to only the freshest produce and to hear they go the extra mile to ensure that consumers & farmers are top priority makes me smile 🙂 your blog is amazing and utterly delicious! Love,love love! Tweeting and spreading the word like wildfire!

  • Inge-Marne Blignaut

    As a born and raised Woolies Microwave meal kid, an avid lover of the Prawn Cocktail Chips and Chuckles and don’t even get me started on the wide range of super yum yogurts! I am the no. 1 Woolies fan and my bank statements can testify to this! By far my most favourite brand! Not just because of the yum food, quality and sleek packaging but because I genuinely feel they care about their consumers and just people in general. These ads are proof! Well done to Woolies for celebrating some “local heroes”. Keep on making doing what you do best… The Difference

  • Tracy Jacobs

    Awesome project, love Woolies 🙂 will tweet.

  • Theresa

    Would love to win some Woolie’s goodies!

  • Aalia Mahomed

    Always 10 notches above the rest! Love this concept. Just another reason why WOOLWORTHS is number one, proven. Innovative, fresh and quality. That’s the real difference. Would be magical to receive one of these vouchers. Fb share + tweeted. Thanks WOOLWORTHS and Alida Ryder of Simply Delicious for this awesome competition

  • Yvonne Erwee

    As a farmer I really get it. There goes so much more into producing food than most people will every know. Thanks Woolies. Great new ad and concept.

  • Sunaina Orrie Sheikh

    awesome. shared on twitter (@JasSShe)

  • tasveera

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!!! Why it counts to support a proudly south african shop :-0 shared on twitter

  • Gaylen

    More great initiatives from Woolies. Always great quality and delivery

  • Nicola Meyer

    Love shopping at Woolworths and their ads are always great

  • KayliVee


    Holding thumbs 🙂


  • rangila harrianath

    “Thank you for your great work—on this project and in all that you do.
    Your contributions make a real difference!”

  • Nicole

    Woolies is the best, simply the best!

  • Shayne

    Love Woolies and their new Ad.

    Txs for the awesome win!

  • Licia Snyders

    wow what a concept and always good to give to others.Love woolies stuff.

  • Svenska Bonita Bryce

    This is why I love WOOLIES- THEY CARE, THEY SHARE!! Thank you WOOLIES-your caring and sharing has made me a caring and sharing person!! Together forever!!

  • Abby

    Excellent ad!!

    Shared on FB

  • Morgan Collins

    What a fantastic campaign, another reason why Woolworths is the best. Tweeting and sharing on Facebook. Go Woolies! 🙂

  • Fehmz

    I love the way Woolies do their ads. It’s so real….it’s relatable and it creates a sense of pride when you buy from woolies and know deep down that you are supporting sustainable communities that are not being exploited.

  • Lauren

    Woolies have always been leaders. Love their work and the new ad.

  • Heidi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all things Woolies!!! xxx

  • Jackie Katzen

    Very cool prize. Have shared on FB xxx

  • Simone Cameron

    Shared!! Fingers crossed;)

  • Aminah

    great giveaway. Would love to be the winner of that voucher!! Love woollies products.

  • Thabz

    Awesome concept on the ad, blow-by-blow encounter of manufacturing, production then final product. Woolworths – “GOne PRO”

  • Hanim Jensen

    Love it! Amazing initiative!

  • Simon Thart

    times are tuff here would like to be able to buy from Woolies again awesome food, freash and taste full

  • Monique

    Love this advert! Sustainability is important and it is why I buy all my food from Woolies

  • Megan Jacqueline Tapson

    Awesome initiative, and it would be great to get a woolies voucher! Especially being notified on a Monday that i have won! 🙂

  • Megan Raw

    Every voucher I have gotten from Woolies – for my Birthday or for Christmas – It has been spent on food:)

  • Robin Dee Lapperts

    I Totally LOVE Woolies and All they do for People and the Environment! They have the Yummiest Foodies and Beautiful Fashion. If somone told me I had too choose one store to shop from for the rest of my life, it would be Woolworths. Keep up the Awesome standards and make South Africans Proud. Love Robin

  • Alexandra

    Love it!! And Woolworths has the best produce that just keeps the longest!!
    I waaaaaaaaaaaaant one of those vouchers :)! Please!! 🙂

  • Hayley

    Awesome stuff Woolies!

  • Ilsa Sonnemann

    Such a great prize! I Love Woolies 🙂

  • bellyhearts

    Woolies are the best! <3

  • Mary-Anne

    I am happy to do whatever it takes to win one of those wonderful vouchers 😉

  • Bronwin Marsh

    Shared on FB and Twitter and then crossing fingers and toes

  • Adam Collingwood

    Great Add!

  • Barrett

    Winning would be food sorted for a short while :D/ I can only hope…

  • samantha pillay

    A great idea 🙂 have shared on fb and twitter as @samiola_88

  • Carmen

    Would love a voucher to try out one of your ideas.

  • Adele

    OOh, love woolworths, and love the new add!

  • Monique


  • Alicia Greenway

    Would love to win this, everything about woolworths is amazing!!!

  • @Chantillycook

    Sharing on fb and twitter and then holding my breathe!

  • Megs H

    Such a great Initiative! A fabulous giveaway indeed! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello! My love of all things Woolworths 😉 *Fingers tightly crossed* !!!! xxxx

  • Vickie Gibson

    Would love to win one of these vouchers 🙂

  • Michelle Raath

    Oh yes please! Love their fruit and veg! Would probably spend all the vouchers on veggies 🙂

  • Melanie Jenkins

    Great x

  • Dina Dos Santos

    tweeted… fingers crossed… would love to win

  • Kat

    Would love love love to win this – I adore Woolies but can hardly ever afford to shop there. Their produce is top notch quality! Keep up the good work!

  • Taryn Gavin

    Fabulous stuff, holding thumbs xx


    Love the Woolies ad 🙂

  • Adrian Phipps

    Woohoo, I get to comment first.. Just another reason shopping at Woolworths is worth while, love the look on the worker’s faces, I’m sure it makes their days go by just a little bit better, a great story to tell their family and friends.. Great POV campaign Woolies..

  • Shaina Boswell

    Got to love some Woolies products 😀

  • Anita Steenkamp

    Would love a woolworhts gift card, shared on facebook and tweeted about.


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