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In South Africa, Woolworths is known as a provider of excellent quality products. Be it clothing, decor or (my personal favourite) food. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am possibly their biggest fan and it’s for the simple reason that their quality is consistently tops. Also, if you’ve ever seen a Woolworths commercial (especially the food ones), you’ll know they are incredible gorgeous. “Food Porn” is an understatement. The styling, camera work, editing, all gorgeous. I’ve often felt like abandoning whatever plans I had for dinner so that I could eat whatever they were advertising.

So when Woolies contacted me last week about their new TV ad campaign showing their Good Business Journey, I was delighted. More beautiful ads. Joy! But then I read the press release and I watched the ads and I realised it was about so much more. So many retailers are trying to tell you how ethical they are and how environmentally friendly their products are but few are willing to show you. This is where Woolworths has been incredibly innovative. They’ve made good use of GoPro action cameras by giving them to the farmers, farm workers, fishermen and baristas who grow, produce, catch, roast and make the food they sell. This gives consumers a unique insight into the journey of Woolworths responsibly produced food from farm to plate.


The TV campaign is supported on their website, at, with a snapshot of ‘The Making of…’ providing insights into the GoPro production, settings and people who filmed the commercials, as well as a collection of mini-documentaries featuring some of their ‘local heroes’ who are part of the Woolworths Good Business Journey. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a fab idea and a wonderful campaign.

To celebrate this, Woolworths is giving away 2x R500 gift cards to Simply Delicious readers. To stand a chance of winning, simply comment below and share this post on Facebook/Twitter.  Giveaway will run from Monday 7 October 2013 – Friday 11 October 2013. Winners will be notified by E-mail on Monday 14 October 2013. Giveaway open to SA residents only. 

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  • Vickie Gibson

    Would love to win one of these vouchers 🙂

  • Michelle Raath

    Oh yes please! Love their fruit and veg! Would probably spend all the vouchers on veggies 🙂

  • Melanie Jenkins

    Great x

  • Dina Dos Santos

    tweeted… fingers crossed… would love to win

  • Kat

    Would love love love to win this – I adore Woolies but can hardly ever afford to shop there. Their produce is top notch quality! Keep up the good work!

  • Taryn Gavin

    Fabulous stuff, holding thumbs xx


    Love the Woolies ad 🙂

  • Adrian Phipps

    Woohoo, I get to comment first.. Just another reason shopping at Woolworths is worth while, love the look on the worker’s faces, I’m sure it makes their days go by just a little bit better, a great story to tell their family and friends.. Great POV campaign Woolies..

  • Shaina Boswell

    Got to love some Woolies products 😀

  • Anita Steenkamp

    Would love a woolworhts gift card, shared on facebook and tweeted about.


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