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When the fabulous people from SodaStream sent me their press release for their new campaign a few weeks ago I was transported back to my early teens when my mom used to take regular tap water and transform it into delicious carbonated drinks in a matter of seconds. Our old machine was a dull and boring brown and it was nice to see that the new packaging is modern, sleek and quite fresh looking.

They offered to send me a machine to test-drive and I jumped at the opportunity. I drink water by the liter daily but when I want something different, I always go for soda water. The one thing that bothers me about that is that soda water always comes in a plastic bottle which not very environmentally friendly. By choosing the SodaStream drinks maker, you are choosing an earth friendly solution that reduces pollution and bottle transportation, which results in fewer bottles to throw away or recycle.  Take a look below, it’s quite shocking just how damaging plastic bottles are to the environment. (click on the picture to enlarge)


But above and beyond all that, I am the type of person who likes things to be easy and convenient. I don’t want to have to make soda water that takes much longer than it does to open a bought bottle of soda water, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the SodaStream literally only takes a few seconds to turn regular water into soda water. The machine is very user-friendly and doesn’t take up any precious counter space. It’s streamline, fresh design will look beautiful in any kitchen.

SodaStream has launched two unique products for Summer. The first is the Summer Gift pack, which offers consumers fantastic value at only R599, as you receive a set of taster-sized syrups and a free Jet machine.  The pack includes:

  • taster packs with 6 syrups
  • 2 gas cylinders
  • 4 1L bottles
  • A free Jet machine



The second pack on shelves is the Jet Value pack, which is aimed at anyone who doesn’t have a machine as well as those who have an older version of Sodastream at home and would like an upgrade. Customers can also buy a spare cylinder pack, which will be sold alongside the machine.  This offers great value, as it is more cost-effective than the standard start-up pack, and each consumer gets a free bottle with the extra cylinder pack. The price of the Jet Value pack is R199 and the price of the cylinder pack is also R199.

To stand a chance of winning one of four packs containing a SodaStream World Without Bottles Limited Edition Jet machine (valued at R499) and a SodaStream flavoured syrup (valued at R49.99) all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what you will be using your SodaStream for and like the Simply Delicious Facebook page.  The four (4) most creative answers will each win a fabulous pack.  Winners must reside in South Africa. The competition closes on Monday 31st October at 17h00.

For more information, visit .


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  • ninatimm

    I have a thing about sparkling water, nothing eases my thirst like ice cold sparkling water, so to have it virtually on tap in my kitchen, will be so amazing!

  • Tori

    I have been dying for one of these for ages as my staple drink is Cola tonic with sparkling water and this way i would save buying many-s-plastic bottle as well as have it on-tap for dinner parties! I have recently bought my first property and thus, having to be super budget friendly (not my favourite thing to do) so this soda stream would fit in perfectly to my (very empty) kitchen and be the perfect accessory to get my summer started with home-made mojito’s while devouring the roast cherry tomato, ricotta and pesto pasta (tried it on Tuesday and Im obsessed!) – Victoria x

  • Hannes

    I would love a Sodastream…cause I rule. No seriously though, I would absolutely rule more than I currently do, when I have a Sodastream. There would be parades thrown in my Honour, under garments will be flung at me while passing oldperson creches. Yes I will literally be the equivalent of a Rock Star…Just cooler.

    However even with all my Fame that will no doubt be earned from this Machine, I will still stay true to my roots and consume The Soda’y Goodness instead of commercial Softdrink, which come-on we all know it was invented by the Devil to keep us chained to our Slave overlords in their suits and richness flowing from them…Just because it’s orange doesn’t make it Fun…it’s yellow in England damnit! The Lies!!!

  • Mandy B

    Being Preggie and HOT – Im dreaming about an ice cold MINTY Mohito or a Pims and soda with Crushed Ice – so the Soda Stream Machine will come in handy in the new year after baby arrives!! We had Soda Stream as a kid, and I would LOVE to show my 3 yr old how easy it is to make RED cooldrink, or GREEN or BLUE cooldrink within a few seconds! He will think it is a magic show with all those bubbles!! ( I reckon a good distraction for when baby comes! )

  • Anya

    The most frequent use of my Sodastream will be making homemade Appletiser. It’s my favourite, but pricey so I don’t always buy it. The other thing I’ll use it for is curing hiccups. Most people don’t know that if you drink soda water from the far side of the glass (you have to bend over quite far) it’s the best way to cure the hiccups! I’ve tried pretty much everything, but this is my go-to when I get them, which is fairly often:-)

  • Fritz

    I was going to try my best to be creative, but if I had to be honest, after the year I’ve had I’d probably use it to make a gigantic whisky and soda cocktail of sorts. I’m thinking about 3 liters should suffice!

  • Jessica

    Besides for making flavoured water (which we go though by the gallon at home – not always the cheapest to buy), I would use the soda water to make a light tempura batter for some fresh summer veggies and onion rings! NomNomNom

  • Joleen

    I will use it to make some fantastic summer cocktails or to make and muffins using soda water.

  • Doné

    Will love to give it to my parents, because they love soda water. And that way they can stretch their pension a little bit more. It will be a nice christmas gift for them.

  • Matthew

    Would love to have it for this summer. As the Durban december january period the heat is almost unbearable. So would love to have to it make fresh soda water to make my own soda drinks for the hot days around the pool. Also I would love to use the soda water to make fizzy jelly with. It really makes jelly that more better as a summer pudding.

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