Mint-crisp caramel ice cream cake

Mint crisp caramel ice cream cake

This ice cream cake recipe is an absolute show-stopper. Filled with Mint-crisp chocolate, caramel (dulce de leche) and cookies, it's a guaranteed hit. 
Servings 10 people
Author Alida Ryder


  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream softened slightly
  • 3 cups caramel treat/dulce de leche
  • ½ cup whipping/heavy cream
  • 2 large bars Peppermint crisp chocolate crushed
  • 200 g tennis biscuits/thin cookies of your choice


  • Whisk together the caramel treat/dulce de leche and cream.
  • Stir together the vanilla ice cream, 1/3 of the caramel mixture and 2/3 of the peppermint crisp chocolate. 
  • Reserve 3 tablespoons of the Peppermint crisp chocolate. 
  • Line a standard-size loaf pan with plastic wrap then layer the ice cream, cookies and caramel. Close tightly with the plastic wrap then place in the freezer and allow to freeze for at least 4 hours.
  • When you are ready to serve, remove the ice cream cake from the freezer and allow to rest at room temperature for 5 minutes then remove from the plastic wrap. Place on a serving tray then pour over more caramel (optional) and the remaining peppermint crisp chocolate
  • Slice and serve.