Printable meal plan and grocery list

A beautifully designed printable meal plan template and grocery list to help you stay organized and plan delicious meals ahead.

Weekly meal plan

We all hate the question “What’s for dinner?”, don’t we? And it’s just too easy to get take-out or eat a bag of chips when you don’t have anything planned. Since I started planning all our meals ahead, my fridge and pantry are always stocked and I know well in advance what I’ll be cooking for dinner. I’m also not super rigid with it, sometimes meals get swapped around but as long as I have the ingredients and at least an idea of what I could cook, I feel much happier.

We’ve designed a free printable meal plan as well as a printable grocery list. I use them to keep me organized and make meal planning easy. Click on the links below to download your free meal plan template and grocery list.

Download printables here:

Meal plan and grocery list.