Easy chicken recipes for dinner

We’re all looking for easy chicken recipes for dinner, right? Chicken is easy, healthy and versatile. From curries to salads, the options are endless and you’re bound to find a favorite amongst these 60+ chicken recipes.

60+ easy chicken recipes

We eat chicken a LOT in this house. I cook it at least twice a week because not only is it delicious, it’s truly the most versatile protein around. Whether you grill it quickly for salads or wraps, cook it in a luscious aromatic curry or make a one-pot meal with juicy chicken thighs, chicken is always a good idea.

Chicken thigh recipes

Juicy chicken thighs are absolutely delicious, so versatile and economical. They need very little to make them taste great and if you’re a fan of brown meat, this is the cut for you!

Easy honey garlic chicken thighs

  1. Easy honey garlic chicken thighs
  2. Chicken Piccata Thighs
  3. Crispy chicken thighs on cheesy broccoli rice
  4. Sticky apricot chicken
  5. White wine, herb and garlic baked chicken
  6. Coconut curry chicken thighs
  7. Creamy sundried tomato and basil chicken thighs
  8. Peri-peri chicken thighs
  9. Creamy dijon chicken
  10. Easy chicken satay with peanut sauce
  11. Hawaiian chicken skewers
  12. Easy baked lemon chicken
  13. Chicken shawarma with easy flatbread
  14. Easy baked Greek chicken and potatoes

Roast chicken recipes

Nothing says “home”like a roast chicken. Cooking whole chicken is a great way to feed a crowd and is cost effective too.

Easy Tuscan roast chicken
  1. Lemon herb roast chicken
  2. Easy Tuscan roast chicken
  3. Kick-ass roast chicken
  4. Pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic butter
  5. Spinach and feta stuffed roast chicken
  6. Peri-peri chicken

Chicken breast recipes

Chicken breasts are a regular in most households. And for good reason. They are a healthy source of protein and can be cooked in a myriad of different ways.

Easy Parmesan crusted chicken
  1. Easy Parmesan crusted chicken
  2. Easy creamy mushroom chicken
  3. Lemon herb chicken breasts
  4. 30-minute easy grilled chicken and vegetables
  5. Chicken breasts with olive, tomato and caper dressing
  6. One pan lemon butter chicken
  7. Caprese stuffed chicken breasts
  8. Corn flake crusted chicken strips with honey mustard sauce
  9. Crispy chicken pops
  10. Mexican chicken with pico de gallo
  11. Creamy bacon and mushroom chicken breasts
  12. Easy herby lemon chicken skewers
  13. Spicy grilled chicken with corn salsa
  14. Lemon risotto with pan-roasted chicken

Chicken pasta recipes

Chicken pasta is a guaranteed family favorite.

Rosemary cream chicken pasta
  1. Rosemary cream chicken pasta
  2. Chicken Cordon Bleu pasta bake
  3. Chicken parmesan pasta bake
  4. Coq au Riesling pasta
  5. Nigel Slater’s Coq Au Riesling
  6. Chicken & mushroom pasta with basil pesto

Chicken salad recipes

Perfect for lunch and dinner, chicken salads are healthy and delicious. They are also great for days when you want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen because most often, the chicken is the only element that needs cooking.

Greek chicken salad
  1. Greek chicken salad
  2. Chicken quinoa salad with peas and feta
  3. Soy honey noodle salad
  4. Chicken Caprese salad
  5. Grilled chicken BLT salad
  6. Mexican chicken lunch bowls
  7. Moroccan chicken couscous salad
  8. BBQ Chicken salad
  9. Low-carb Chicken satay salad
  10. Greek orzo salad with grilled chicken
  11. Peri-Peri chicken salad with charred corn
  12. Chinese chicken salad
  13. Moroccan chicken salad

Chicken soup recipes

Chicken soup is delicious, healthy (for the most part) and a great way to feed a lot of people. Bulk it out with vegetables, pasta, rice and grains to make it go even further.

Easy healthy chicken broccoli soup
  1. Easy healthy chicken broccoli soup
  2. Easy chicken noodle soup recipe
  3. Creamy broccoli chicken gnocchi soup
  4. Mexican chicken soup with charred baby corn

One pot chicken recipes

The perfect solution for weeknight dinners. Curries, meatballs, rice dishes and more.

One pot tomato basil chicken rice
  1. Easy weeknight chicken curry
  2. Chicken Biryani
  3. Butter chicken curry
  4. Cheese-stuffed chicken meatballs
  5. One pot tomato basil chicken rice
  6. Easy 20-minute chicken stir fry
  7. Easy peri-peri chicken livers
  8. Chicken chili bowls with tortilla chips
  9. Easy Weekday chicken pot pie

Chicken wraps, sandwiches and burgers

Chicken is a great filling for sandwiches, wraps and tacos. It’s also perfect on burgers and shredded in nachos.

Curried chicken salad sandwiches
  1. Fried chicken sandwich
  2. Chicken Caesar sandwich
  3. Buffalo chicken sliders with blue cheese sauce
  4. Smoked chicken sandwich with jalapeño mayo
  5. Roast chicken melt
  6. Spicy chicken samosas
  7. Spicy chicken and corn crunchwraps
  8. Chicken Tacos with Pico de Gallo
  9. Rotisserie chicken nachos
  10. Easy spicy chicken burgers
  11. Creamy tzatziki chicken wraps
  12. Shredded chicken tacos with corn salsa
  13. Curried chicken salad sandwiches


Chicken wing recipes

Chicken wings are everyone’s favorite snack. Sticky, crispy or hot. Whichever way you like them, they’re guaranteed to be delicious.

Sriracha-honey wings
  1. Baked apricot sticky chicken wings
  2. Asian baked chicken wings
  3. Sriracha-honey wings
  4. Easy Baked Apricot Sticky Chicken Wings

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