The Best Breakfast Recipes

The best breakfast recipes from simple smoothies to breakfast for a crowd. Every recipe you need to get your day started.

The Best Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day but the one I hate preparing the most. I am not exactly a morning person and the thought of cooking an elaborate meal (especially during the week), first thing, is not my idea of fun. However, I still want to make sure my family are well-fed. These breakfast recipes range from the quick and easy recipes you need during the week to more elaborate weekend breakfast ideas to the kind of recipes you’ll use when you need to feed a crowd. We have you covered!

Breakfast ideas with Eggs

Eggs are a nutrient-dense, protein-rich savory way to start your day. We also love how versatile they are and that they can be used in more elaborate quiche recipes as well as 5-minutes scrambled eggs. Whether for breakfast or brunch, these dishes are all bound to impress.

Bacon makes everything better

Let’s face it, very few people can say no to perfectly cooked bacon. It’s a great add-on for a classic breakfast plate but we also love it in omelettes, on toast or used in breakfast casseroles.

Pancakes and French toast breakfast recipes

We love a stack of fluffy pancakes or thick slices of custardy French toast drenched in maple syrup. These recipes range from the simple and classic to the chocolate-stuffed and over-the-top.

Healthy breakfast recipes

If you want a lighter start to your day, we have you covered. From healthy pancakes to creamy oatmeal and make-ahead yogurt cups, these healthy breakfasts will become firm favorites in no time.

Muffins, breads and more

Fluffy muffins, perfect banana bread and easy breakfast cookies. These recipes are all great for grab-and-go breakfasts or to make ahead for busy weekdays. A big batch of muffins are also great to freeze for last-minute breakfast emergencies.

Breakfast for a crowd

Whether you have a big family to feed every day or have people over for the holidays, these recipes are fantastic to feed a crowd. From breakfast boards to perfect cinnamon rolls, these recipes are sure to delight.


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